Nicole's P.O.V

"Niall, i say no because..."I told Niall,

"Because?'He said with tears flowing through his face.

"Because back at College I dated this jerk, who cheated on me....and I don't want to get heartbroken again." I told Niall.

"Don't worry I don't play with girls like that."Niall said.

I said,"Yes"

Niall said,"Yes, what?"

"Yes, i'll go out with you."II told Niall.

He smiled at me so I smiled back and then we hugged. 

"So when is our first date?" I asked.

"Friday at 8pm I'll pick you up"Niall said.

"Ok but there is just one thing to do."I said.

"What is it?"Niall asked.

"Kiss me!"I yelled.

"Ok!"Niall yelled

So we kissed and I was his so we started to makeout until something interrupted us.

Julissa's P.O.V

After Zayn and I kissed at the resturant, we went his suite. We were finally boyfriend and girlfriend. As we entered we saw Nicole and Niall making out which was pretty strange because I thought they were mad at each other. Zayn tapped on Niall's shoulder so they would stop making out in fronty of us.

"What was that for?"Niall screamed.

"Sorry!"Zayn screamed

"You should be!"Niall screamed back.

"Hey guys instead of a movie we should go out to dinner on a double date to the fanciest resturant in London!"Zayn said excited.

"Ok sure!" Nicole said.

~To Be Continued~

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