Nicole's P.O.V

"Nicole its not what it seems!"Niall said.

"Oh really because it's exactly what it seems!"I told Niall.

"Nicole please don't fight we are trying to have a nice dinner."Eleanor said.

"Yes Eleanor you are right!"I said.

"See nothing to worry about!"Eleanor said.

I poured a whole water glass on Niall and it had ice in it.

"Cold cold!! Why would you do that!"Niall said.

"Hey Nicole why would you do that to Niall?!"Liam said.

I said,"Because he--"

Liam threw his spaghetti plate at me!! So Harry threw some pasta at Liam and said, "Don't mess with my true love!" I was like"ok?"

"You don't do that to Liam!"Danielle said.

Danielle threw juice but since Harry ducked it got all over Eleanor's dress.

"This dress cost a fortune!!"Eleanor yelled.

So she thee spaghetti to Danielle which landed on Zayn and Julissa.

"It's on girly!!"Julissa said.

So she threw spaghetti at Eleanor which landed on Louis. So Louis threw spaghetti to Julissa but it landed on Zayn and Harry. Everything was a mess.

"STOOPPP!!!"the restaurant owner said.

So we ended up cleaning the whole restaurant.

"I thought you loved me but I guess I was wrong!"Niall said.

"At least I didn't cheat on anyone!"I said.

Niall said,"Well you---"

"Guys just stop fighting ok!!"Eleanor said.

"Well explain about you having your exgirlfriend's phone number!!"I said.

"It's because...

~To Be Continued~

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