Nicole's P.O.V

"WTF!Are you cheating on me?"Nial asked.

"No it's just that he wouldn't leave unless I gave him a kiss."I said.

"Let's go to the hospital!"Niall said.

"For what?"I asked.

"To see who is the father of the baby!"Niall said.

We went to the hospital with Julissa and Zayn.

"Ok let's start!"The doctor said.

"Can another doctor do a test for me?"Julissa asked.

"Yeah Doctor R!"The doctor said.

The doctor took Julissa to another room.

Julissa's P.O.V

The doctor finished the test but nobody else was in the room.

"The father of the baby is......."The doctor said.

~To Be Continued~

Nicole's P.O.V

The test was over so it was time.

"The father of the baby is....."The doctor said.

~To Be Continued~

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