Nicole's P.O.V

It's been two days since the breakup and I still stayed in the bed.

"Nicole when are you going to move on?"Julissa said.

"It's just hard thinking that someone you trust is living to you!"I cried.

"Listen I gave Zayn back the note."Julissa said.

"What did you say?"I asked.

"I said no!"Julissa said.

"Why? You two were so happy and Niall and I were not!"I cried.

"We were happy until I heard of Perrie and Zayn!"Julissa cried.

"I said no to Zayn because I don't trust him anymore!"Julissa cried.

"Oh so have you moved on?"I asked.

"Yes, because I threw everything he gave me away! You need girl power and that's why you should say I'm moving on!"Julissa said.

"Yeah you are right I need girl power!!Thats why I'm ripping the flowers!!"I yelled.

"Yeah!!"Julissa yelled.

After that I heard a knock on my door and it was Harry. So I said, "it's open!" Harry opened the door and Julissa said,"I'll leave you two alone."

"Ok."I said.

"Hey Nicole I heard about your breakup so I brought you flowers."Harry said.

"Thank you! You are so sweet."I said.

"Well I just want you to be happy."Harry said.

I gave him a big smile so he smiled back.

"So, are you moving on?"Harry said.

"I'm trying to."I said.

"Well come on!"Harry said.

"Where are we going?"I asked.

"We are going to eat breakfast at Starbucks!"Harry said.

"Ok fine."I said.

"I'm trying to make you move on so chop chop lets go!"Harry said.

"Hahaha....ok let's go!"I said.

When we got to Starbucks Harry ordered for me and I picked a seat. When Harry came back with our breakfast we were talking.

"So, how was your trip so far?"Harry asked.

"It's been great and confusing!"I said.

We both started laughing.

Niall's P.O.V

After I woke up I was going to get breakfast at Starbucks. When I walked there I saw Harry flirting with Nicole! They were both laughing do I decided to go in.

Nicole's P.O.V

Harry and I kept laughing and there was a moment when we were about to kiss until.....

"Hey guys!"Niall said.

"Heyyy Niall."I said in low voice.

"What are you guys doing here?"Niall said.

"We are having a nice breakfast."Harry said.

"Oh ok well I just came to pick up breakfast."Niall said.

"Oh ok."I said.

It was really akward. After Niall left in 5 minutes we left and we went back to my room.

"Harry I had an amazing time!"I said.

"Me too so would you like to join me again sometime?"Harry asked.

"Yeah sure I would love that!"I said.

"Well bye."Harry said.

"Bye."I said.

When Harry was just about to kiss me but I said,"I'm sorry I can't I just go out of a relationship two days ago."

"It's ok I understand."Harry said.

I found out that Niall was really cheating on me so now I've moved on and I am happy that I did. Also, I think I'm in love with Harry!!

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