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Nicole's P.O.V

"What does she mean by see you in Miami?"I asked.

"Umm...we have to fly to Miami tomorrow for a world tour."Niall said.

"TOMORROW?!!?"I yelled.

"I'm sorry!"Niall said.

"You know that I have to leave to go back to College in two days!"I yelled.

"I'm sorry but you are going to be alone for one day but it might be in two days."Niall said.

"Liam, when is our Miami concert?"Niall asked.

"Tomorrow so we have to pack today."Liam said.

"I can't believe I'm not going to see you again."I said.

"You will well next year when we visit New Jersey."Niall said.

"Is it really over?"I asked.

~To Be Continued~

Zayn's P.O.V

"Mom, is she ok?"I asked.

"She doesn't look ok and I got a broken arm!"Mom said.

"Where are you?"I asked.

"I'm here at the Bradford hospital."Mom said.

"I have a Miami concert tomorrow and I can't miss it but I'm going to have to.I'll call someone to pick me up and drop me off ok!"I said.

"Hurry!!"Mom said.

"Ok bye."I said.

"Bye."Mom said.

"It was my mom."I said.

"What happened?"Julissa asked.

"My sis got in a car crash and she is in hospital."I said.

"I'll go with you!"Julissa said.

"Ok thanks babe."I said.

I called a car to pick us up and I finally got to the hospital and I told Julissa to call the boys that I'm not going to the concert in Miami.

"Mum!!"I said.

"Zayn!!"Mom said.

"Where is she?"I asked.

"She is inside put only one person can visit her and I want to see her."Mom said.

"The child's mom please come in!"The doctor said.

"I have to go!"Mom said as she left.

"They said it was ok!"Julissa said.

"Let's sit down."I said.

"Your concert was amazing!"Julissa said trying to change the topic to make me feel better.

"Thanks!"I said.

"And Cher was amazing too."Julissa said.

"Can you keep a secret?"I asked.

"Yeah sure!"Julissa said.

"You know we are going to Miami with Cher on our tour tomorrow?"I asked.

"Yeah!What about it?"Julissa asked.

"Niall likes Cher!"I said.

~To Be Continued~

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