Nicole's P.O.V


It was time for the concert and the guys went early put there was a limo to pick us up. Emma,Julissa,Eleanor,Danielle and I were getting ready to go to the best concert of our lives.

"I can't wait for the best concert ever!!"Eleanor said.

"Agree!"I said.

We all heard a knock at the door.Danielle opened the door.

"Perrie,what are you doing here?"Eleanor asked.

"Yeah aren't you suppose to be at your Little Mix Livestream?"Danielle asked.

"The Livestream was cancelled but anyways I want to talk to Zayn."Perrie said.

"Zayn left for his concert today."Julissa said.

"Well, I need to talk to him NOW!!"Perrie said.

"You can't always get what you want!!Try having a little sister."Emma said.

"Then when he comes back tell him to call me."Perrie said.

"Ok whatever."I said while closing the door.

"Finally she left!!"Julissa said.

"I know right!"Eleanor said.

We heard another knock.

"What do you want!!!Perrie!!"I yelled as I opened the door.

"Your limo is ready!"The driver said.

"Oh sorry haha."I laugh nervously.

"Let's go!"Emma said.

"One Direction concert here we come!!"Danielle said.

"Yeah!!"We all said.

We went to the limo and we finally got to the concert. We were all excited since we got VIP passes to see our boyfriends. The first song started and the fans were screaming so loud.

"🎵You're insecure don't know what for, you're turning heads when we walk throught the door🎵"Liam Sang.

"Wow!Its really loud!!"I yelled.

"That's my boyfriend!!"Danielle yelled.

"🎵That's what makes you beautiful🎵"They all sang.

When the song was over, they sang a couple of more songs and then they started to talk.

"We would like to give dedications to special people in our lives."Liam said.

"This is our first time doing this."Niall said.

"First we would like to dedicate to all our families,"Harry said.

"Friends,"Louis said.

"And especially our girlfriends!"Zayn said as he wink.

"So please give it up for, Danielle,"Liam yelled.

"Nicole,"Niall yelled.

"Emma,"Harry yelled.

"Eleanor,"Louis yelled.

"And Julissa!!!"Zayn yelled.

All the fans screamed!!

"Come on stage!"Paul said as he pointed to us.

"What?"I asked.

"Goo!!"Paul said.

We all got on stage and hugged our boyfriends.

"Also, please give it up for our special guess, Cher Lloyd!!"Harry said.

Everyone screamed so loud and Cher came out and sang her song "Want You Back".

"🎵Remember all the things you and I did first and now you're doing them with her🎵"Cher sang.

~After Concert~

Julissa's P.O.V

I went to talk to Zayn in my suite.

"Zayn, Perrie was asking for you."I said.

"I thought she was doing a Livestream."Zayn said.

"It was cancelled and she wanted to talk to you."I said.

"Ok I'll call her."Zayn said.

Zayn's P.O.V

I went to call Perrie and she anwsered.

"Hello?"Her British voice said.

"Hey Perrie, you wanted to talk to me?"Zayn asked.

"Yes and I wanted to tell you that your sister got in a car crash."Perrie said.

"Which one?"Zayn asked.

"Safaa, your little sister."Perrie said.

"What happened?"I asked.

"Your mom was driving and your sister was distracting her so she pulled over and a car crashed her car."Perrie said sadly.

"You're lying!"Zayn said.

"No I'm not!"Perrie yelled.

"I'm sorry bye."I said as I hung up the phone.

I got a phone call from my mom.

"Zayn!Youre sister go hurt in a car crash."Mom cried.

"What!Perrie wasn't lying?"I asked.

~To Be Continued~

We all went to the boys' suite but Julissa and Zayn went to talk in her suite.

"What a concert huh?"Louis said.

"Yeah!It was Awsome!!"I said.

"It was do nice to meet you Cher!!"Julissa said.

"It was nice to meet you too!!"Cher said.

"You're performance was Awsome!!"Eleanor said.

"Thanks but now I have to go!See you guys in Miami."Cher said as she left.

"What does she mean by see you guys in Miami?"I asked Niall.

~To Be Continued~

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