Nicole's P.O.V

"Your girlfriend?"I asked.

"Yes and are you dating Justin?"Niall asked.

"No!We are just hanging out."I said.

"Demi!Come!"Niall said.

"Yes."Demi said.

"These are some friends,well you already know Justin but meet Nicole."Niall said.

"Hi Justin.And you must be Nicole."Demi said.

"Yeah I am."I said as Demi and I went to talk somewhere else.

"Niall talks a lot about you!"Demi said.

"Yeah we use to date but not anymore."I said.

"Well maybe it wasn't meant to be."Demi said.

"Yeah but for my friend Julissa it was.She's dating Zayn and they are having a bany girl!"I said.

"Tell them i said congratulations!"Demi said.

"Ok and a lot of relationships end quickly."I said.

"Yeah and you should get friends like Niall has a lot of girlfriends."Demi said.

"He's cheating on you?"I asked.

"No!We aren't dating!"Demi said.

"How come he said you were his girlfriend?"I asked.

"Oh he meant that I was his girl friend as a friend that's a girl."Demi said.

"Are you sure?"I asked.

"Niall!"Demi said as she walked up to him.

"What?"Niall asked.

"Did you tell Nicole that we were dating?"Demi asked.

"Maybe."Niall said.

"Nicole we are not dating!"Demi said.

"Ok."I said.

"Now she knows!"Demi said.

"Demi, Julissa said Thanks and she is having a party do would you like to come?"I asked.

"Yes I would love to and here text me the details."Demi said.

"Are we going to see a movie?"Justin asked.

Niall got a text from Zayn.

"Sorry we can't we have to go to Zayn and Julissa's party right now!"Niall said.

"I'm sure Julissa wouldn't mind if you came."I said.

We got to the party at Zayn and Julissa's new house.It was really big and we saw a disco ball! Obviously Zayn and Julissa were at the party and Liam,Dani,Lou,El,Hazza,Emma,Niall,Demi,Josh,Justin and I.

"Everyone meet Josh Devine, our drummer."Louis said.

"Hi!"I said.

"Hello."Josh said.

"I'm Nicole."I said.

"I'm Josh and I love your name."Josh said.

"Thanks and I love your name too."I said.

"Thanks love."Josh said.

Niall's P.O.V

I saw Josh and Nicole flirting and I got kinda jealous so I decided to move on and talk to Demi.

"So what's up?"I asked.

"The sky."Demi said.

"HAHAHA Demi you are SO funny!"I yelled.

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