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Nicole's P.O.V

"Emma!"I yelled.

"What are you doing?"Niall yelled.

"I was walking and he pushed me!"Emma yelled.

"I'm your father and I don't want you to be with that Harry kid!"Emma's dad yelled.

"But I love him!"Emma yelled.

"I'm going to kill him!"He yelled.

Harry came running towards Emma.

"Emma, what happened?"Harry asked.

"Oh is this Harry?"He asked.

"Yes."Emma said.

"Listen I have a problem with you and my 18 year old daughter dating!"He yelled.

"I love her."Harry said.

"You better leave before someone gets hurt."Emma's dad said.

"I love her and if you can't accept that then too bad!"Harry said.

"That's it!"He yelled as he pointed a gun at Harry.

"Drop the gun!"I yelled as I holded my phone.

"You shoot him, I will sue you!Now drop the gun or I call the police!"I yelled.

"It's not worth it!"Emma yelled.

Emma's dad shoot Harry but Emma got in front.

"Emma!"Harry yelled as held her on the floor.

"Harry if I die I want you to know that I love you!"Emma whispered.

"You won't die!"Niall said.

"I'll call the ambulance."I said.

"Emma I'm sorry!"Emma's dad said.

"No I'm sorry, I'm sorry I was your daughter!"Emma yelled.

"Hang on."Harry said.

"If I actually die, I want you to move on and find someone different."Emma said.

There was a point where Emma closed her eyes.

"EMMA!"Harry yelled.

I called the cops and the ambulance quickly.The cops took Emma's dad to prison.Emma went to the hospital and Harry,Niall and I went with her.We couldn't enter the room until a few hours. The doctor finally came.

"Is she ok?"Harry asked.

"Apperently Emma got shot in the heart so........she died."The doctor said.

"She died?"Harry asked.

"I'm sorry."The doctor said.

Harry started to cry in tears.

"Harry, everything is going to be ok."I said as I hugged him.

"I loved her!"Harry cried.

"It's all going to be ok."Niall said as he also hugged Harry.

We took Harry to our house and he still cried.

"Remember what Emma said?"I asked.

"That if she dies she wants me to find a girlfriend."Harry cried.

"We have to tell everyone the news."I said.

There was a knock at the door and it was Josh.

"Hey."I said in a sad voice.

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