Nicole's P.O.V

"You want to be friends?"Niall asked.

"Im sorry Niall but your are pushing this relationship too far."I said.

"No we can't end like this!"Niall said.

"I'm sorry Niall."I said.

"I won't stop until I surrender."Niall said.

"I think we need to give it a break."I said.

"Ok but just to let you know, I won't stop loving you until I surrender."Niall said.

I went to Julissa and my apartment we share in London. Julissa was in our apartment packing because she was moving in with Zayn in a big house Saturday.

"Hey, what are you doing?"Julissa asked as she was packing her stuff.

"I'm just reading this magazine."I said as I was laying in the couch.

"You look bored."Julissa said.

"Thanks it's just that Niall and I broke up."I said.

"See!You are more fun when you were dating Niall and now look at you all bored!"Julissa said.

"Really?"I asked.

"Yes and you should do something else."I said.

"I meant about me being more fun when I was dating Niall."I said.

"Oh yeah and you should get back together with him."Julissa said.

"Yes!"I said.

"You are?"I said.

"No they have good deals at TopShop!"I said.

"I meant are you going to get back with Niall?"Julissa asked.

"I don't know he likes to go really far."I said.

"Just talk to him."Julissa said.

We heard a knock at the door and when I opened the door, it was Niall!Julissa quickly ran to her room.

"Niall?"I asked.

"I came to give you some flowers."Niall said giving me the flowers.

"Thanks but we are just friends!"I said.

"Can I come in?"Niall asked.

"Sure!We are friends so sit down."I said.

"POTATOE!!"Niall yelled as he sat down.

"What the fuck was that about?"I asked.

"I just like it saying that."Niall said.

"Ok?"I said.

"Soooo,"Niall said as he put the flowers in the table and moving closer to me.

"Soooo,"I saw moving far away from Niall.

"....Date me!"Niall said.

"No!"I said.

"Why?"Niall asked.

"Because,"I said.

"Because you never did it with someone besides me."Niall said.

"NOOO!Stop talking shit!"I said.

"It's true or you are just afraid to do it with me!"Niall said.

"I'm not afraid!I just don't want to do it."I said.

"Are you a chicken?"Niall asked.

"Is that a challenge?"I asked.

"Yeah!"Niall said.

Julissa's P.O.V

I was going to the hospital to see what is going to be the gender of the baby. As I was walking into the living room,I literally saw Nicole and Niall doing it but with clothes on. It was so disgusting!!!!


"Sorry."Nicole said.

"I didn't mean. This much fun!"I said.

"Niall has to owe me 500 euros!"Nicole said.

"But it was worth it!"Niall said.

"You should do this somewhere private!"I said.

"It's over anyways!"Nicole said.

Nicole's P.O.V

Julissa left and it was Niall and I.

"That was fun!"Niall said.

"Yeah,yeah whatever!Where is my money?"I asked.

"I'll give you 1,000 euros."Niall said.

"I don't want your money and we are just friends!And friends don't do that!"I said.

"You look pissed."Niall said.

"Yeah!Im so fricken pissed!"I said.

"Why the fuck are you pissed?"Niall asked.

"Because we are just friends ok nothing more!Now get out!"I yelled.

"What?"Niall asked.

"Get out ok!"I yelled.

Niall left and I was watching tv to wait until Julissa comes back from the hospital.

Julissa's P.O.V

I met up with Zayn in the hospital to find out the gender of the baby. The doctor did the test and it was time.

"I have good news!"The doctor said.

"What is it?"Zayn asked.

The doctor had a smile and said,"Julissa,Zayn your baby is going to be a.."

~To Be Continued~

Author's Note: Second book coming soon!Thanks for reading!!Will the baby be a girl or a boy?

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