Nicole's P.O.V

"Why do you want to get back together?"Niall asked.

"Do you want to get back together?"I asked.

"I don't know......I'm confused."Niall said.

"Bye."I said.

"Nicole wait."Niall said.

I left to my room.

"You know I'm still mad at you!!"Julissa said.

"Why?"I asked.

"Because you kissed Zayn and out of all the guys in London it had to be Zayn!!"Julissa said.

"I told you I was sorry!!"I yelled.

"Well, I don't think I can forgive you!!"Julissa yelled.

"Is that how you feel?"I asked.

"Yes!!"Julissa yelled.

"What is all the yelling about?"Zayn asked as he came in.

"Zayn I thought I could of handled about you kissing Nicole but I guess I can't."Julissa said.

"Are you breaking up with me?"Zayn asked.

".....Yes."Julissa said.

"I need you."Zayn said.

"I don't need your lies and cheating ok now get out!!!!"Julissa said.

"Ok..."Zayn said.

"I'm tired of shit!!"Julissa said.

"I'll get the fuck out of here!!"Zayn said.

"Bye!!"Julissa yelled.

"Are you ok?"I asked.

"Shut the fuck up!"Julissa said.

"You're acting like a bitch!!"I yelled.

"Look who is talking!!"Julissa said.

"You want to go there?"I asked.

"Yeah!"Julissa yelled.

Harry and Emma opened the door.

"What is going on?"Emma asked.

"We are having a discussion."I said.

"A loud one!"Harry said.

"She tried to steal my man!!"Julissa yelled.

"It was an accident ok!!"I yelled.

"You two are best friends just like Eleanor and Danielle!!"Emma said.

"Yeah and I think to just forget the whole thing!!"Harry said.

"He is right!!Im sorry."I said.

"I'm sorry too!"Julissa said as she gave me a hug.

"Hello?I helped too!!"Emma said.

"I guess I'm the problem solver."Harry said.

"More like the problem starter!"Emma said.

"Come here!"Harry said.

Harry hugged Julissa,Emma and I.

"Emma, where is Madison?"I asked.

"Yeah where is she?"Emma asked.

We looked everywhere and we found here at the top of the hotel.

"Madison don't!!!"Emma yelled.

~To Be Continued~

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