Niall's P.O.V

"Nicole?"I asked.

"I'm sorry if I interrupted I'm going now!"Nicole said as she was leaving.

"Nicole!Wait!"I yelled.

Nicole and I talked outside.

"....I...I can't believe you!"Nicole said.

"I was drunk."I said.

"But you got a girl pregnant!"Nicole yelled.

"Shhhh!"I said.

"Now your ashamed because you and Natasha created that baby and it can ruin your career!"Nicole yelled.

"I hope we can still be together."I said.

"You think I want to be with someone who got another girl pregnant and left the baby!"Nicole yelled.

"....maybe."I said.

"No!!!Its all over!!"Nicole yelled.

"Wait are you going to the VMAs?"I asked.

"Yes but to support everyone not just you."Nicole said.

Nicole left and Julissa and I were talking outside of Natasha's apartment.

"I guess Nicole doesn't want me back."I said.

"Yeah and it's too bad you don't get to live your youth."Julissa said.

"Sometimes I wish I was young forever."I said.

"Me too cause you get to have fun."Julissa said.

"Sometimes you have too much fun and things get out of control."I said.

"Nicole loved you and trusted you but now all of that is over."Julissa said.

"I wish I was never drunk because that screwed my life."I said.

"Is it true that Zayn was going to propose to me?"Julissa asked.

"He said he loved you and he might propose to you!Well I can't tell you it's a secret."I said.

"Nicole is pregnant and your the father."Julissa said.

~To Be Continued~

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