Nicole's P.O.V

"Would you be my boyfriend?"I asked.

Niall's eyes got wide.

"Umm....how old are you?"Josh asked.

"I'm 18 but almost 19!"I said.

"I'm 21!"Josh said.

Niall left and say at the couch.

"I'm actually 5"6 feet tall just like Niall's size."I said.

"Be with Niall because I'm not worth it!"Josh said.

"I can't!"I said.

"Why?"Josh asked.

"Because...I just can't!"I said.

"Tell me!"Josh said.

"I can't but see you around."I said.

I sat in the couch.

Niall's P.O.V

Nicole sat down so I went to talk to Josh.

"You did it!"I said.

"It was only to prevent her from getting hurt.Where's the money?"Josh asked.

"Here!"I said.

Julissa's P.O.V

I overheard Niall and Josh talking so I went to talk to Nicole.

"Nicole, can I talk to you?"I asked.

"Yeah sure!"Nicole said.

We entered my room.

"Niall payed Josh to not go out with you!"I said.

"What!Does...does.."Nicole said.

"Say it!"I said.

"Does b!tches!"I yelled.

Nicole ran towards them.

Nicole's P.O.V

"I know what you did!"I yelled.

Everyone stared at me.

"What are you talking about?"Niall asked.

"You mofos!"I yelled.

"Let's talk somewhere private!"Niall said.

"Ok you and mofo number 2 has to come too!"I said.

We went to Julissa's room and talked.

"Why did you pay Josh to not go out with me?"I asked.

"Because I called dibs!"Niall said.

"Is there a law about dibs?"I asked.

"No."Niall said.

"Then I'm not yours!"I said.

"But that's how you know that it's yours!"Niall said.

"Fine!"I said.

"I call dibs on Nicole!"Niall said.

"No fair!"Josh said.

"I'm not on dibs because you two are my mofos."I said.

"Are you mad?"Josh asked as we still hugged.

"No!I love you two!"I said.

"I love you too!"Niall said while hugging me tighter.

"I meant as a friend."I said.

"....right!"Niall said.

"You guys can let go now."I said.

"No!"They both said.

"Ok that's enough!"I said as I let go of them.

"We should do it sometime."Niall asked.

"No!"I said.

"He means that you and I should do it sometime!"Josh said.

"No!"I said.

"I'm sorry Nicole."Niall said.

"It's ok but just don't do weird ex girlfriend stuff!Ever!"I said.

"Ok so we're cool here right?"Niall asked.

"Yes!I love you two!"I said.

"We are like three best friends, one girl and two men."Josh said.

"More like boys."I said.

"Hey!"Niall said.

"Just kidding and now I'm leaving."I said.

"Wait!Nicole, want to go out?"Niall asked.

"That is so sweet!No!"I said.

"Why?"Niall asked.

"Because you want to do it like everyday!"I said.

"Let's just go slowly."Niall said.

"One more chance?"Niall asked.

~To Be Continued~

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