Julissa's P.O.V

After a while the boys finally came. Nicole was blushing when Niall came.

"Hello, I'm Niall Horan. Which one of you two has a crush on me?"Niall asked.

"Me." Nicole said in a shy voice.

"Ok well nice to meet you guys!"Niall said.

"Hello I'm Liam Payne nice to meet you!" Liam said.

Harry said, "Hello girls I'm Harry Styles"

Louis finally came and said,"Sorry I'm late I was unpacking my shoes."

Since Louis came late he sat next to Liam. We were siting in a round table, I sat to Zayn which he sat next to Niall which Nicole sat in between Niall and Liam and Louis sat next to Liam and Harry. I was in between Zayn and Harry.

Harry said"So, how old are you guys?"

"Well, we I'm 18 and Julissa is 19."

After an hour of eating lunch Nicole and I had to head to our hotel and unpack. So I pushed Nicole's arm so we can go. Zayn payed the bill since he insisted.

"Sorry guys but we have to our hotel to unpack." I said.

"It's alright! So, where is your hotel?" Zayn asked.

"Right there."Nicole pointed.

"Same here"Niall said.

"Ok well lets walk together."I said.

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