Niall's P.O.V

"Uhhh...ummm..."I said.

"I see what's going on!!"Nicole said.

"What!!"I said.

"You know what!! Fuck you!!"Nicole yelled.

"NOO!!Its not what it looks like!!"I yelled.

"It's over!!"Nicole yelled as she left.

"Wait!!She kissed me!!"I yelled.

"This is all your fault!!"I yelled.

"Well you liked it!!!"Madison said.

"NOO!! I told you i had a girlfriend!!"I yelled.

"Yeah but--"Madison said.

"But get out!!"I yelled as I pointed to the door.

Madison left so I started to cry.

Julissa's P.O.V

I tried to calm Nicole but she kept crying and she tried to explain.

"What happened?"I asked.

"Niall kissed Madison!!"Nicole yelled.

"Calm down!!"I yelled.

"This is like the second or third time something like this has happened!!"Nicole yelled.

"I know but just keep calm!!"I yelled.

"What's that!"Nicole yelled.

"What!???!"I asked.

"Next door!"Nicole said.

"Oh that's Zayn's room.Oh wait!!"I yelled.

I went to Zayn's room and I saw him kissing Madison!!

"Zayn?"I yelled.

"Julissa?Its not what it look likes!!!"Zayn yelled.

"You are a slut!!"I yelled pointing at Madison.

"What!!?"Madison yelled.

"You heard me you first kissed Niall and now Zayn!!You are a slut!I yelled.

"Come at me bro!!"She yelled.

"I'll come at you!!"I yelled as I was getting ready to punch her.

"I'll like to see you try!!"Madison yelled.

"You know what you are not worth it because you are a slutty girl and Zayn it's over!!!"I yelled.

"NOOOO!!!It was all a set up!!"Zayn said.

"I hate YOU!!!"I yelled.

I left his room and went to cry with Nicole.

"He cheated on you?"Nicole asked.

"Yeah."I cried.

"Well Summer is almost over and we can leave in two and a half weeks."Nicole said.

"Yeah."I said.


"Julissa can I talk to you?"Zayn asked.

"No!"I said.

"Listen I was set up by Madison!"Zayn said.

"Really?"I said.

"Yes!So would you take me back?"Zayn asked.

~To Be Continued~

Nicole's P.O.V

"Nicole can I talk to you?"Niall asked.

"No!"I said.

"It was a set so would you take me back?"Niall asked.

~To Be Continued~

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