Niall's P.O.V

"Nicole is pregnant and your the father!"Julissa said.

"What!How is that possible we never did it oh wait I remember that night in London."I said.

"And the baby has 4 months and today she is going to the doctor's to see if it's a boy or girl."I said.

"HELPP!!"Natasha yelled.

Julissa and I ran to her.

"I think the baby got miscarried."Natasha said.

We arrieved at the hospital and Natasha wanted to talk to me.

"Niall the truth is that this is not your baby I was already pregnant in college back at New Jersey."Natasha said.

"You liar!!!Im leaving!!"I yelled.

"Niall wait!!"She yelled.

I was walking across the hall and saw Nicole.

"Hey!"I said.

"Niall listen I-"Nicole said.

"I know Julissa told me and I'm happy."Niall said.

"Even though I might be an 18 year old mom I know we are going to be happy."Nicole said.

"Ok it's time to find out the gender of the baby."The doctor said.

After the test the doctor said,"The gender of the baby is going to be a,"

~To Be Continued~

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