Niall's P.O.V

I had to catch my next flight with Zayn but the airplane didn't seem like our usual plane.

"Hey Zayn I found something in my pocket."I said.

"What is it?"Zayn asked.

"It's Nicole's phone!"I said.

"What is it doing in your pocket?"Zayn asked.

"I was going to give it to her at the airport but I forgot.There goes that feeling again."I said.

"What feeling?"Zayn asked.

"Something is wrong!"I said.

"What?"Zayn asked.

"This is silly but I think we.."I said.

"This is the flight attendent and we wanted to let you know that your flight to New Jersey is going to be more quicker than we expected."The flight attendant said.

"New Jersey?"We both asked looking at each other.

~To Be Continued~

Nicole's P.O.V

I was in the airplane touching my window glass hoping I will see Niall again.

~Few Hours Later~

The plane landed and Julissa and my parents picked us up.

"Nicole, why do you have a necklace?"Mom asked.

"I umm, I bought it."I said.

"Oh but it has the Ireland flag on it and you went to London?"Mom asked.

"It's just that..."I said.

"It's just that next Summer we are going to visit Ireland and we learned a lot about Ireland in London."Julissa said.

"Julissa, why do you have a bracelet that says Z❤J?"Julissa's mom asked.

"Because I umm, I thought it was cute!"Julissa said.

"But it says Z!"Julissa's mom said.

"Why don't you guys just drop us off college?"I asked.

"Ok let's got!"Julissa said.

We went back to college and since Julissa and I are roommates we unpacked together. We went to our first class.

"Hey, Julissa and Nicole you two are on the cover of this week's magazine!"A girl said.

"What?"We both said looking at the magazine.

"Alison,just leave them while they are enjoying their fame."Natasha our worst enemy said.

"What the fuck are you talking about?"I asked.

"Come on!You just dated the boys because you guys want to be famous!"Natasha said.

"That is so not true!"I said.

"When I meet the boys they will fall in love with me not you!Natasha said.

"Nicole just leave her cause we all know she is a slut!"Julissa said.

"Uhhhh."Everyone said.

"This is not over!Bitches!"Natasha said.

"Fuck you too!"I said.

When class was over the principal called Julissa and I.

"You needed us?"I asked.

"Yes and I saw you two in a magazine and..."The principal said.

"What are you saying?"Julissa asked.

"I can't have any paparazzis in my building."The principal said.

"So, what do you mean?"I asked.

"You two will graduate early because I can't have celebrities in my building."The principal said.

"Are you kicking us out of school?"Julissa asked.

"Technichly yes."The principal said.

"But we still need a lot to catch on!"I yelled.

"I guess you guys will work at an early age. I'm sorry but everyone is going to tease you!"The principal said.

"Stop talking shit!!"I yelled.

She started to clean her glasses.

"Here are you diplomas now get out of here!"The principal yelled.

"Of course special treatment for Natasha cause she's an angel!"I yelled.

"Nicole,shhh let's go!Sorry."Julissa said holding my arm.

We went outside to Julissa's car and we drives back home which was a long way.

"College was all for nothing."I said.

"Nicole, now we have to work."Julissa said.

"I don't want to go seperate ways because you're my bestie!"I said.

"Why would you scream at the principal?"Julissa asked as she raised her voice.

"Because...if she"I said as Julissa put tape in my mouth.

"You need that!"Julissa said.

I took the tape off.

"Where is my phone?"I asked.

"Check your pocket!"Julissa said.

"It's no there!"I said searching for my phone.

"You don't think that we left it in London do you?"Julissa asked in a nervous voice.

"No!What?......YES!!!!I want my fricken phone back!!"I yelled.

"Calm down.We will find your phone."Julissa said.

"The airport is right there and it reminds me of Niall."I said.

"Oh no!"Julissa said.

"What do you mean by oh no?"I asked.

"We just ran out of gas!"Julissa yelled.

~To Be Continued~

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