Niall's P.O.V

The doctor said,"The gender of the baby is going to be a--"

"Wait! What ever it is I'm going to be happy with it."I said.

The doctor said,"Ok the gender of the baby is going to be a boy."

"Yes!!"I said.

"Congratulations!"The doctor said.

I took Julissa and Nicole to a near hotel.

"Niall there is going to be a problem because where are we going to live?"Nicole asked.

"I'll rent a house in New Jersey and London and maybe Ireland."I said.

"Ok but who's going to call?"Nicole asked.

"Don't worry I'll call now for the houses and the furniture ok just relax."I said.

After I came back from calling I saw Nicole all upset.

"What's wrong?"I asked.

"I didn't tell my mom that I was pregnant."Nicole said.

"We can tell her."I said.

"She's coming right now!"Nicole yelled.

We heard a ding and Julissa went to her room while Nicole and I were talking to her.

"Mom hi!"Nicole said.

"Nicole you look fat."Nicole's mom said.

"It's because I am......"Nicole said.

"Your what?"Nicole's mom asked.

"Niall and I are having a baby boy."Nicole said.

~To Be Continued.~

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