He's Waiting

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As I entered the dark zone, I realized that I was unarmed. I was completely vulnerable to an attack. To make things things worse, I was in pajama shorts, in forty degree weather. The thought that at any moment, someone could jump out from behind a car with a knife terrified me. I was in the most dangerous parts of Gotham. And I was alone. I really didn't think that through.

I kept my arms crossed, and my head down. I tried my best not to draw attention to myself. Carefully taking each step, I made sure I didn't make a sound. My pace was quick. I didn't want to be here any longer than I had to. Every noise I heard made me jump. 'When did I become so jumpy' I thought I myself.

As I took in each breath, the cool air brushed my cheeks. I knew my nose was probably red from the cold. The freezing temperature made me shiver. I would be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to turn around and run to the GCPD, but I couldn't now.

My mind wandered back to Ecco. Where was she now? Her "boss" was dead, so I guess she was running things now. I still couldn't believe he was dead. Shivers ran up my spine just thinking about Jeremiah. He had stolen so much from me. My confidence, my trust, my best friend. In my eyes, this new Jeremiah murdered the old one. For the first time, I felt a sudden hatred towards him, that I hadn't before.

I shook the thought out of my head, and continued through the dark zone, and soon enough I saw the sirens club. I knew I was safe now, because no one, no matter how crazy, was stupid enough to come close to Barbara and her guards. I took a deep breath, as I approached the door. After only one knock, the door swung open.

Jim pov

"Why wasn't someone watching her?" I asked the doctors. No one answered. I shouldn't be mad at them. Y/n is a very resourceful girl. If she wants something, she'll get it. "Alright. Go back to your other patients." I said. I wondered where she was going. She had to be Somewhere safe, and with someone she knows. Everyone left in Gotham was either at haven, or a criminal, and she didn't know any criminals.

I sat at my desk for a t least an hour, wondering where she might be. She was my responsibility, and I let her slip away. To be honest, I didn't know what I would do if I found her. I can't force her back to haven. I guess I could try and convince her.

Y/n pov
After a while, I settled into my room. Barbara said I could stay in the guest room, But that was just a fancy way to say storage room. They had fixed it up pretty nice though. I had a bed, and some clothes that Barbara gave me. I think they were Selina's. The room was right next to a bathroom too, so I had everything I needed.

After a while, I heard a knock on my door. I walked over, and opened it. Barbara stood there, wearing a red, cocktail dress. "I'm having a party, and I want to formally introduce you to everyone." She said. I hadn't ever seen Barbara in a dress. She usually wore a black and red bodysuit.

"Uh.. ok." I replied. I wouldn't mind going to a party. It might take my mind off of things, which I really needed to do. "Good. There's a dress in your closet that I want you to wear." She said with a smile. "Alright." I complied. A party might actually be nice. After I closed the door, I walked over to the closet and opened it. I hadn't looked inside it yet, and was shocked to see how high quality the clothes were.

Before the bridges blew, these things would've been worth a thousand a piece. I saw the dress she was talking about. It was tight fitting, and black. The neck line dipped low, and the sleeves stretched to my wrist.

It was exceptionally difficult to put on though. After stepping into it, I had to pull it up. It's small circumference barely fit around my small waist. I had an extremely small figure, so this dress must've been really small. I slid it up my body, sucking in very deep breaths. As soon as I pulled it all the way up, I was left with the near- impossible task of zipping it up. My hand reached all the way behind my head. After searching for the zipper blindly, my hand brushed across it. I grabbed it with force and pulled it up. As soon as the dress was fully on, I had to stop and take deep breaths. 'I need to work on my cardio' I thought to myself.

I stepped in front the of the mirror and was shocked. I hadn't looked like this since college. I remembered how I would drag Jeremiah to parties, because I wanted him to loosen up. I guess in some way he did.  In the worst way.

Thinking of that immediately dragged tears out of my eyes. I sucked it up and tried to contain myself. Soon loud music began playing. 'That's my cue I guess' i thought to myself.

I took a deep breath and stepped out of my room. I wasn't exactly a party girl, but I didn't mind. All around me were high class women, and men who could afford to be here. Barbara would make the men buy their time here. Women didn't have to pay anything. I didn't know why they did this, but I didn't really care. It was amusing to watch Barbara boss around the men.

She was holding a knife to a gentleman's throat, so I thought I would leave her alone for a few minutes. I decided to look around in the meantime. The club really was beautiful. The ceiling was marbled and decorated by quality chandeliers. The tables were glass, and the bar contained vintage drinks. I walked around, paying attention to every detail. I didn't want to miss a thing.

After analyzing the interior design, I began noticing the people. They were all rich, and wealthy. So why were they still in Gotham? The money is cut off now, and everyone has gotten a little poorer. I was under the impression that everyone left in Gotham were the misfortunate. The homeless, and the impoverished, but that wasn't the case at all. Each woman wore designer dresses, and jewelry worth more than a house.

It had been a few minutes, and I decided I should head back to Barbara. But as I turned to walk away, I felt a hand grip around my wrist, and a prick In my neck. I looked to see who it was. "Hiya y/n. Jeremiah is waiting." She said. 'Oh god.... Ecco'. And in her hands, a syringe. "Whats wrong? Don't you miss Jeremiah?" She asked. Surely someone would notice. Someone would help me. But this was gotham, and no one did. My vision went foggy and my body went limp. Soon everything went pitch black.

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