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Princess of Gotham by GamerHK
Princess of Gothamby GamerHK
The king and Queen of Gotham have a little Princess who is saved by the Dark Knight. Completed- Book 2 "The Princess and her Dark Knight" I don't own DC univer...
The Devils Favorite Demon by DJPiper
The Devils Favorite Demonby ‘Lil Lucifer
It's really hard to kill a demon, you need alot of holywater, maybe a devils trap and a spell, or a special knife. But when it comes to the princess of Hell, Satan's dau...
A Clever Fascination (An Edward Nygma Fanfiction) by 123Bexa321
A Clever Fascination (An Edward Bex🐙
The infamous Riddler of Gotham city is at large. Katherine (Kit) Valentine is an extremely smart detective with the GCPD, working closely with Commissioner Jim Gordon. ...
The doctor is in: Joker's and Harley's little clown by Louisa532
The doctor is in: Joker's and Louisa532
22 years after their capture, The Joker and Harley Quinn have been placed in Arkham Asylum. When they receive a new therapist who suggests they be counseled together, m...
We are same joker x reader by NatashaPalma
We are same joker x readerby VienneauWolf
This book Harley does not exist You are Dr. Y/n l/n . A psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum. You was assigned to the clown himself. You thought you was curing him, but you...
Headlines(Jerome Valeska) by noxhance
Headlines(Jerome Valeska)by BadKarma
After years of abuse Sage Stoke finally manages to take vengeance on her father by burning her childhood home to the ground. Thrown into Arkham she is left vulnerable an...
Deadly Love ( The Joker's Love story)((ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)) by LadyIplier
Deadly Love ( The Joker's Love Lady_Sanchez
Meet Tessa Heartz, Ms. Heartz is Dr. Harleen Quinzel's Best friend. When one day she decides to bring Dr. Quinzel lunch while she's working, She catches the eye of the...
♣ She's more powerful than you think... and more crazy.♣ Willow Rae Nejem is more commonly known as 'Bonesnapper'. This metahuman is one of the most powerful yet. People...
Love's Cruel Joke [Ledger Joker Fanfiction] by sultryshadows
Love's Cruel Joke [Ledger Joker Chey
"Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends with the remover to remove: O no; it is an ever - fixed mark, That looks on tempests, and is nev...
Crazier Than Most (Book ONE){Completed} by AshyShy
Crazier Than Most (Book ONE){ A.C.
"Your just as crazy as your aunt is..." What if there was a secret Harley kept? What if she even kept it from the Joker? What if.. Harley had a niece? The...
There Goes The Mocking Bird by GoldenLiah
There Goes The Mocking Birdby GoldenLiah
"You're so small and weak. God knows I could break you in two." "But you won't.." He pauses for a long moment before answering. "I know I can'...
I hate you  by RitaMandylor
I hate you by Rita Mandylor
This is a Joker X Joker story, obvisiously. It's uh, Arthur Fleck & Jack Napier. I know it won't be as successful as other stories, because this ship is unpopular, but I...
Jigsaw Puzzle || The Joker x Reader by FanfictionXR
Jigsaw Puzzle || The Joker x Readerby Jeanne
(Y/N) (L/N) grew up in Gotham City's criminal world, but after a life-changing ordeal, she decided to turn to a better life. The secret that (Y/N) hides is that she miss...
All Mine (A Joker Fanfiction) by broken_beauty_x
All Mine (A Joker Fanfiction)by Chelsea
Who said evil and good go well together?
A "Safe" Mission by MerlinGrayson
A "Safe" Missionby MerlinGrayson
Robin was injured on the previous Mission, so when a new Mission surfaces, Batman send the young justice on a dangerous tailing mission. All except Robin. Instead, since...
The Joker Imagines by mrjokestah
The Joker Imaginesby mrjokestah
The kind of imagines you've been searching for are here; sweet and dirty. I take requests, so feel free to let your imagination go wild! I will be writing imagines about...
ANGELINA - Suicide Squad / Joker by Shauna_202
ANGELINA - Suicide Squad / Jokerby Shauna_202
Angelina Blair is insane, psychotic and some would say mentally ill. She's not only a danger to others but a danger to herself without even knowing it. The thought of de...
She's Back (A Daminette Story) by Kittenswife
She's Back (A Daminette Story)by K.Dior
Marinette used to be a nice bubbly girl who was friends with everyone, now she's as cold hearted as ice. All because a liar named Lila Rossi came Lie-la threatened to ta...
Rich? - Jerome Valeska by gl0w0rm
Rich? - Jerome Valeskaby glow worm
"Your parents are rich?" "They were." "So where's the money now?"
The Clown Falls For An Angel (Joker X Reader) by colie7500
The Clown Falls For An Angel ( colie7500
The clown prince of crime becomes obsessed with a young girl who is shy and will innocent to him she's perfect and almost like an angel and what will happen if he gets...