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Barbara pov

I had been looking for y/n for an hour now. She wouldn't have run away, or she would've taken Her things. I was beginning to get worried. It wasn't like me to be concerned, especially not for someone else, but she was just a kid.

I called one of my guards over. "I want this room cleared. Get everyone out." I ordered. I couldn't think with everyone here. They were too loud. "What about the ones who paid?" She questioned. I rolled my eyes. "If they have a problem, tell them to deal with it or die." I responded.

"I swear if something has happened to her, I'm gonna tear this city in half." I said to myself.

Y/n pov

When I woke up I was tied in a chair, facing some sort of fireplace. Chills ran up my body, as my memory returned. I was in some room. It was dim, and antique-looking. Maybe it was a house. I didn't know. "Hello?!" I yelled out. Soon a figure appeared from the shadows. I was scared it would be Jeremiah or Ecco, but He was old, and I could tell he was a doctor. "Who are you?" I asked. My voice was shaking. I turned my head to what he was looking at.

Sitting beside me were two people, with bandages covering their faces. "What the hell?"

It was a man and a woman. The woman wore a tan trench coat, and the man, a nice suit. They looked vaguely familiar. "Oh hi. Im doctor Hudson. Mr valeska hired me." The doctor said. It felt like my heartbeat ceased in that moment. "He's a-alive?"

I was about to ask some more questions, when I heard a noise coming from the fire place. It was footsteps. My heart began to race, and my body began to shake. The footsteps were slow, and approaching at an Erie speed. Soon a figure stepped out, followed by another.

My eyes widened, and my breaths became choppy and short. "Jeremiah?" I choked out. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Before me was the monster that had plagued my thought for weeks. My best friend. My worst fear. He wore a blue suit, and carried a lantern. "Hello, y/n. It great to see you." He stated simply. Ecco followed behind him. "Sorry about drugging you, and all that." She said. I gave her a mean scowl. She laughed in response.

Beside her, Jeremiah took one step towards me and I could feel my body tense up in my chair. "doctor. I'm hearing good things." He uttered. I was still frozen in place. Or in fear I suppose. Imagine having a terrible nightmare, and not being able to wake up. That was what I was living. "The bandages are ready to come off. Your assistant thought you might like to see them." The doctor said. He approached the people beside me, and began undoing the bandages.

I was curious to see what rested underneath. "Indeed I would." Jeremiah hissed out. I looked for emotion in his eyes. Insanity gas or not, there had to be some good left in him. But all I saw was hate, and a desire for violence. Deep in my heart I knew no matter how hard I tried, the ginger nerd I had fallen for was long gone.

As the doctor removed the final bandage, my eyes widened in horror. I knew those faces. It was the Wayne's. Bruce's parents. But they were murdered. Killed right in front of Bruce. I tried to speak, but nothing came out. Surely I was dead. I was dead, and this was my hell. This was punishment for the bad things I had done. But I hadn't done anything bad enough to deserve this. 'It isn't real. It isn't real.' I repeated in my head.

Jeremiah's eyes widened as well. He bent down and began approaching the Wayne's. My eyes fell in the doctor, who looked rather nervous for Jeremiah's reaction. Jeremiah stifled out a chilling laugh, which made my spine twitch. As he approached even closer, I felt a flame of fear rise up. He examined the Waynes in awe. "You two look beautiful." He uttered under his breath.

I had never been so terrified before. I took in a deep breath. Unfortunately he noticed, and turned in my direction. A wicked smile crossed his face. "I love family reunions, don't you." He said to me. I expected to feel tears falling down my skin, but they didn't come. I had none left to cry. "What is this?" I asked.

His face was inches from my own. His wicked grin sent chills up my spine. "Just a part of the plan." He whispered. He turned away from me and faced Ecco. "Speaking of, Let's not forget about tonight's festivities." He said towards her. She gave him a confused look, and He sighed in annoyance. "The Butler?" He reminded her. She thought for a while. "Oh! Righty-o!" She perked up. 'Wow she's annoying' I thought to myself.

I wondered for a while about who they were talking about, and then it hit me. "Mr pennyworth?" I asked. Jeremiah's obsession with Bruce, recreating his parents, and now doing something to Alfred? What was he playing at? "What is your plan?" I asked sternly. I hardly recognized my own voice. It was filled by hatred, and anger. It almost scared me.

"I'm gonna be the star y/n. Truly." He said, as he placed a hand on my cheek. I didn't flinch anymore. He could do whatever he wanted. Hurt me, kill me, I didn't care. I really was broken. He broke me.

Bruce Wayne pov

I walked into the GCPD, and started looking for Jim. I couldn't find him anywhere. The soldiers that were apparently here to provide relief, were making themselves at home. I didn't want to admit it, but if Jim wasn't here, it meant something prevented him from coming here. 'Or someone' I thought to myself, as Eduardo Dorrance walked into the room.

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