The theater.

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"What's happening?" I asked as Jeremiah continued untying the ropes. He was anything but gentle as he worked on them. "We're going on a field trip.... to the movies." He laughed. His laugh terrified me. It was haunting and sent chills up my spine. He had changed so much in the last few months. He used to barely crack a smile. I actually missed the version of him that was cold and distant. He didn't scare me as much.

Once my hands were free, Jeremiah grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the house. "Hey!" I yelled. The lookalikes were with us. Jeremiah's grip was harsh and demanding. I could almost feel bruises forming. I let out a groan of pain. He heard, but didn't loosen his hold.

Once we were outside, Jeremiah let go of my arm. I reached up to touch it. Like I thought, it had bruised.

Suddenly a loud boom ensued. And then another, and another. I looked behind me to see where the loud noise was coming from. A horrifying sight laid before me. Wayne Manor, engulfed in flames, and collapsing. I only prayed that Bruce and Alfred made it out. "I take it that was you" I said to Jeremiah. "Smart girl." He whispered. "I hope this doesn't hurt too bad."

I turned to him in confusion. "wha-"

I got cut off by the backside of his gun striking the side of my face. As my consciousness left, he bent over. I just barely saw a smile forming on his face, before my eyes closed.

Bruce pov

After barely surviving the explosion, I sat down.Where would he go next? Where did I go that day? I thought to myself.

Then it hit me. The theatre.

I took off on my feet and ran to the theatre I had gone to that night. It wasn't far.

Y/n pov

I woke up to see Ecco standing right in front of me. The first thing I noticed was what she was wearing, and then what I was wearing. We both had on theatrical dresses. Shakespearean-like. "Wakey wakey." She sang.

"Ecco? What is this?" I questioned. I soon realized I was strapped to a chair. What is with him and tying me to a chair?

"Showbiz baby!" She cried.

"Ecco! I'm trying to focus." Jeremiah yelled. I hadn't noticed him, so it startled me. He looked even more ridiculous than I did. He had on a black hat and a cape, with a mask on. I was wearing a red and black dress, that stretched down to my feet. It was scratchy and uncomfortable, and didn't fit my figure at all.

I saw Jeremiah walk over to a camera I hadn't noticed before now. Looking around, I realized we were on a movie set. "What the hell?" I questioned, only to be shushed by Ecco. I rolled my eyes.

Jeremiah walked away and moment later swung in on a rope. "Olé! Hola Bruce." He hissed. In his hands he held a sword, which I had hoped wasn't real. "Well, here we are, the theater where your mommy and daddy took you to see.... the mark of Zorro!" He yelled.

It made sense. He was recreating the entire day, so I suppose that included the movie they saw. Jeremiah, then put on an accent. "I heard you were obsessed with this man as a child. I wondered what it was that  intrigued you so."

He began playing around with sword. I had to give him credit for effort. "Was it the fact that he struck fear into the heart of his enemies." He continued. Soon a man was wheeled into the room. I hadn't seen him before. He was wearing a white button up that was undone, revealing his abdomen. I could tell it was old fashioned.

Ecco stood him next to me, a wild grin spreading across her face. I gave her a confused look, but she just winked in response. I felt a cold substance splash across my face, and looked over to see the man groaning in pain. My eyes widened as Jeremiah slashed his sword across the poor mans abdomen.

His blood splattered across my face. "Ah! Stop!" I yelled. But he didn't. Soon another man was brought in from across the room, wearing the same thing. This one was far away. I watched in pity as Jeremiah did the same thing to him.

Thankfully Jeremiah stopped and approached the camera once again. "But perhaps the movie was a bit too effective. Wasn't this that part that you got frightened? When you asked your parents to leave? I wonder what would've happened if you hadn't done that. If you had conquered your fear, maybe your parents would still be alive." Jeremiah suggested.

"Stop!" I cried out. I knew Bruce would be watching this, and I knew those words would break him. "Stop this!"

Jeremiah turned to me, an aggravated look crossing his face. I knew my place and decided to stay quiet. He smiled and turned back to the camera. "Well, onto the last and final stop down memory lane!" Jeremiah laughed, as he stopped the camera.

Then he turned to me and Ecco.  "Ecco. Let her go. I'm sure we'll see her soon." He ordered.

She did as he asked. As she untied my ropes, she gave me a mean glare. "Just so you know, I'm getting revenge for that fight we had earlier. A rematch if you will." She hissed. "Sounds good to me." I responded.

I stood up from the chair, a little unstable, and walked towards the door. "See you soon!" Ecco yelled behind me. I didn't say anything in return.

When I got outside, I started to brainstorm where Jeremiah might be. I didn't know where he was but I knew where he would be. Crime alley.

Bruce pov

"Stop!" I yelled as I ran down the alley. I dashed towards the lookalikes, who were about to be murdered. "That's far enough Bruce." A voice called out. Jeremiah.

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