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Y/n pov
Jeremiah drove me to my apartment. We didn't talk much in the car, so I could tell something was bothering him. "So.... Wayne enterprises huh? That's pretty cool." I tried to break the silence. He gave me humorous smile.

"You're a dork y/n." He joked. I gave him a mean look. "Says the one working on an energy generator." I rebuked.

We pulled up at my apartment and he walked me all the way to my door. I fumbled with my keys for a while, before Jeremiah reached to help me.

"Y/n, today I realized how much putting you in danger hurts me, and I don't want to ever have to again." He said. I grabbed his arm. "You didn't put me in danger, it just kind of happened."

I could see the conflict in his eyes. I was about to say more when he pulled me in and pressed his lips on mine. I kissed him back of course. His hand went into my hair and our kissing became more passionate.

"Y/n... unlock the door." He whispered in my ear. I did so. We pushed ourselves into the room and found ourselves on the couch... (y'all know what went down.)

Two hours later Jeremiah had fallen asleep on the couch with me in his arms. I liked it like this. And I hoped it would stay.

Jeremiah pov

I woke up from my sleep. Me and y/n we're on the couch. Oh crap... Ecco is gonna be worried sick. I looked at the clock that read 2:12 am. I slowly slid off of the couch, careful to not wake up y/n. I slipped out of the door and made my way to the car.

I felt bad leaving her, but I didn't have my phone on me, so I couldn't call Ecco and let her know that I was ok.

When I got to the road by my house I quickly got out and made my way through the forest. I soon saw my door. I knocked and looked at the camera which was on and operational. I knew Ecco was looking at me.

I should not be scared of my assistant, I thought to myself. When the door opened Ecco was standing there with a mean expression. "Where were you." She questioned.

I walked past her. "None of your business." I said. She got the idea. "Oh. I see. Well there's a gift for you from Wayne enterprises in your study." She said and then left to her room.

I walked into the study and poured a glass of whiskey. I really did like y/n, but I didn't know if I could be a good boyfriend for her. I saw the gift Ecco mentioned, and walked over to it. The tag said Wayne enterprises like she had said. That was nice of him, i thought. The gift had white ribbon on the top which I undid. I ripped the wrapping paper off the box revealing a cube shaped container.

It was covered in some print. The kind you see on jack and the boxes. It had a lid. I tried undoing it several times with no success. Eventually I did, revealing a very creepy clown.

Is this some joke I thought. Then suddenly a cloud of purple gas spewed from the clowns mouth. I inhaled some of it and tried coughing it out, but to no avail. Just then a new voice spoke out.
"Hello brother...." Jerome...

Y/n pov

The next morning I woke up and he was gone. "You're kidding." I said. You're so stupid, I thought to myself. Of course he doesn't like you like that. But he kissed me. He kissed me. I put some clothes on and watched some movies while eating ice cream. This was pitiful.

   I needed to fix this. I didn't want my friendship with Jeremiah to end over this. I didn't really know what to do, but I figured I should talk to him about it first.

I got in my car and drove to his house. I didn't even have to knock before the door opened. I walked in slowly. "Jeremiah?" I called out. No answer. I walked a little further before reaching the maze. Damn. I still didn't know my way through the maze.

I figured Jeremiah would come and get me so I just waited, but ten minutes later I was still waiting. Wow he's really upset, I thought to myself. Just then Ecco came emerged from the never ending corridors.

"Oh Ecco, thank god. Can you help me?" I asked. She walked closer with an odd look on her face. It was unsettling.

"Um... i need to talk to Jeremiah. I think he's upset. Something happened, but.. uh.. I guess I don't really need to talk about it with you right now." I said unusually awkward.

She came even closer to where I was standing and stopped right in front of me. "Follow me." She said plainly. I did as she said. It's not like I really had a choice.

She seemed unnerved. Which was odd for her. She kept fiddling and playing with her hands. Something had to be very wrong for her to be nervous.

"Is everything ok?" I asked not sure if I wanted to know. She gave me a weird expression. One that made me feel almost terrified. "There's something you need to see, but don't tell him I helped you." She replied.

Why didn't she want Jeremiah to know she helped me. I thought it was Jeremiah who sent her. I then realized it was probably her who opened the door for me. "Well what should I say? He knows I don't remember the maze." I told her, still confused by this whole thing.

She seemed afraid of Jeremiah. I had no clue why. "Tell him you took a map before you left last time." She said. This was so weird. Why was she acting like this? We reached the end of the maze and the entrance to Jeremiah's study.

I opened the door, but Ecco didn't follow me, which made me even more nervous. I saw a figure standing over a desk facing away from me. "Oh Jeremiah, thank god. I thought something might have happened to you-" I said but was cut off. "-why did you come here?" He asked.

I was taken aback by the question. I always come here. Why wouldn't I? He voiced seemed different too. Not like the soft tone I was used to. "I just thought because you left before I woke up, you were upset about something." I replied.

Jeremiah pov

She shouldn't have come. I don't need this right now. "So, are you okay?" She asked me. She walked a little closer. "Stop!" I yelled "don't come any closer." I called out. She whimpered at my cruelty. "Jeremiah-" she pleaded "-no! How did you even get through the maze?" I asked her. I swear if Ecco helped her I would shoot her in the head. "Um.. I memorized one of the maps." She said obviously scared.

Y/n pov

I remembered what Ecco had told me to say. I could now see why she was nervous. Something had changed in Jeremiah. He seemed so distant and cold. He placed his hand on the table and I jumped back.

It was so pale. Almost white. "Jeremiah... step into the light." My voice was shaky. He did as I asked and I stepped back.

He was pale as a ghost and his lips were red. He wasn't wearing glasses either. His red hair had turned to black and was now slicked back. He just looked so different. So scary. Like something out of a horror movie. "Oh my god... you-" i was cut off by a blow to the head. Everything faded to black...

To be continued...

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