No mans land pt 1

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James Gordon pov
I stood by the entrance of the GCPD as the officers tormented Jeremiah in his cage. "Jim." Jeremiah said through the officers. I walked to the cage where he sat. "Don't you all have work to do?" I said to the officers, and they all fanned out away from the cage.

"What do you want?" I asked. His face was bruised from the beating Alfred gave him. "I'd like to press charges on Bruce Wayne's butler." He said. I knew he was just trying to aggravate me. "I mean.... just look at my face." He suggested. He looked okay, compared to Selina. "I think you look great." I responded.

"Also, I'd like to speak to Bruce. We don't really get to talk before, what? With his girlfriend bleeding out all over him." Jeremiah said. I felt an anger boil up inside me. "You tried to prove you're better than your brother. But I'm still here. The city's still here. You a failure. Enjoy Arkham. Your brother did" I said in response.

I turned to the officers behind me. "Put him In a box, get him ready for transport." I ordered. I was going to walk away, when Jeremiah spoke again. "Bring me Bruce Wayne and I'll tell you where the other bombs are." He said.

Me and Harvey exchanged looks. He had to be lying. "We have all of your bombs." I had hope that that was the truth. "The maze bombs, yes. I mean the other ones." Jeremiah claimed.

Me and Harvey both gave him the same look, saying that we didn't believe him. He sighed. "Jim... as an engineer you expect system to fail, so you build in redundancies. And I am a very good engineer." He spoke said standing up from his bench, and another flame of anger rose in the pit of my stomach.

"You're bluffing." I insisted. Surely he was. He pressed his face against the bars of the cell. "Am I?" He inquired. "How many lives are you willing to bet?" He questioned. "You're right you know. I did fail. I didn't yet understand the purpose I was serving, but I do now. My eyes are open as will yours be."

He turned to the face the back of the cage again. "When you realize I'm not bluffing, bring me Bruce Wayne. And Maybe I'll tell you where y/n is." He said. His cocky apparel, left me fuming.

Jeremiah pov

I was soon marched into an interrogation room. When Jim walked in he immediately picked me up from my chair and slammed me into the wall. "How many bombs are there? Where are they?" He inquired, holding a grip on the collar of my suit. "I want to talk to Bruce Wayne." I commanded.

Soon a punch struck across my face. "Where are they you son of a bitch? Who's helping you?!" He asked. I found it funny how he couldn't ask one question at a time. "Bruce.... Wayne." I requested, and Jim dealt another blow to my cheek.

"You are never going to talk to Bruce Wayne! You hear me?!" He yelled. Through all the pain from the punches I pulled my lips into a grin. "Then more people will die. But you never were great at holding on to what you cared about, were you James?" I asked referring to y/n. "You let her slip right through your fingers. I wonder, how much pain can she handle?" I taunted.

Before Jim could react, Harvey barged in. "Jim we need you out here now!" He yelled, No doubt about a new bomb. Jim let go of my collar and I slowly slid down the wall, think about all the things I would do to y/n. All the pain that I could inflict.

Bruce pov

About thirty minutes earlier, the mayoral office was blown up by a bomb identified as one of the generators, and soon I was led into the GCPD by a man they called the major. From what I had heard they were taking me to talk to Jeremiah, to learn the location of the new bombs.

I walked into the room where Jeremiah was, automatically noticing the quality of his conditions. He was strapped to a metal slab, to prevent mobility. "Hello Bruce." Jeremiah greeted. "It's great to see you." He said.

I didn't have time for these games. I wanted to go back to the hospital, to be with Selina. "Where are the other bombs jeremiah?" I asked, trying to get to the point. "Closer please." He requested. I did as he asked and took a few steps towards him. I kept a safe distance away though. "Closer." He ordered, not pleased with the distance between us.

I took some more steps towards him. "Tell me, how is the young lady doing?" He asked, referring to Selina. I didn't reply. "Oh...." he said.  "you know why we're destined to be best friends? Because we're very much alike. You are as I used to be: at war with your true nature. You must truly embrace it if you ever want to be free. I'm just trying to help you." He claimed.

"Trying to help me? By kidnapping y/n? By Trying to destroy Gotham? By shooting Selina? You think we're alike because there's a darkness inside both of us. But the difference is I know how to control mine." I replied, closing the distance between us.

To my surprise his lips turned up to a grin. "I think you could be so... strong. I see it. He sees it too." He said. I didn't know who he meant. I though he was working alone. "What do you mean 'he'" I asked. Instead of answering Jeremiah just winked. I knew he just brought me in there to torment me.

"Where's y/n?" I questioned. His grin faded. His stare elongated my uncomfortableness. "Who's That?" He asked sarcastically. I was tired of this. "You know who she is." I stated. His smile returned. "Oh, her. Yes. Would you like to know what I'm going to do to her?" He offered. In anger I grabbed the collar of his shirt. "Where is she?!" I yelled. His smile remained. "With someone I trust." He responded. 

I already lost Selina, I wasn't losing another friend. "And who's that?" I urged. His eyes grew wild. "You know who it is. Your his heir."

I couldn't believe it. "Ra's al ghul? No it can't be." I uttered, taking large steps back. "Shh." He whispered, as the lights faded out. I felt a pair of arms wrap around me, and the guards that were in the room screaming.

Y/n pov
3 hours later.

When I woke up, I was alone, tied to a chair, in some parking garage. I was facing a window, that viewed all of Gotham. What the hell? I thought to myself. Soon I was joined by about ten soldiers that stood with guns in their hands.

Not too much later, Ra's al ghul walked in. "Ah, y/n, I'm glad you're awake. You don't want to miss what happens next." He said walking closer. He grabbed the back of my chair and turned me to face the rest of the room. To my horror, in walked Jeremiah with, who I assumed was Bruce.

Bruce had a bag over his head, and his hands were tied in front of him.
"I trust things went smoothly." Ra's said to Jeremiah. "Like clockwork." He replied.

Jeremiah walked over to me, and out his hand on my shoulder. "Don't fret dear. I'm here now." He whispered. His emotionless stare pierced right through me, and I felt tears fall down my cheeks...

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