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Passionate Poison by STUD247
Passionate Poisonby Trae Lee
This is about an orphaned child who captures the heart of the super villain, Poison Ivy. But what happens then? Read to find out! I don't own any of the DC characters, j...
  • batman
  • poisonivy
  • romance
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Jenlisa: Poison Ivy by riverdalejenlisa1
Jenlisa: Poison Ivyby riverdalejenlisa1
Jennie is Poison Ivy. Lisa is a cop. One day Lisa and her partner Jungkook try to stop a bank robbery by Poison Ivy. But Poison Ivy has other plans. She seduces both to...
  • jennie
  • poisionivy
  • lisa
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Night Lights~Damian Wayne by marawritesstuff
Night Lights~Damian Wayneby Mara Jen💫💞
(Y/N) is a criminal. She does bad thing, but she doesn't want to. She has to make sure she can survive her night life and her school life. Soon she meets Damian Wayne an...
  • dc
  • fanfiction
  • wayne
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Poison Got the Diamond by ZombieCat115
Poison Got the Diamondby ZombieCat115
When Gotham's most feared villain, The Joker, loses his "sidekick," Harley Quinn after an argument, she leaves and carries out her original plan to rob a rare...
  • gxg
  • fanfiction
  • joker
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Gangsta//Joker by _Simba__
Gangsta//Jokerby Simba
"She's the only person brave enough to punch the joker in the face...and live to tell it. Ashton lawton"
  • poisonivy
  • lawton
  • batman
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●Blurry Face●Suicide Squad●Book 2● by cookiecupcakefighter
●Blurry Face●Suicide Squad●Book 2●by クッキー
"I rather dance with the devil for eternity" This is book two for my suicide squad dolly Trinity is kidnapped by the one and only Joker (all because Harley did...
  • amandawalker
  • suicidsquad
  • deadshot
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poison ivy » kol mikaelson by girasolesss
poison ivy » kol mikaelsonby girasolesss
In which Kol Mikaelson's greatest secret weapon is a kiss of poison. +Vampire Diaries: Season 3 - +The Originals
  • fanfiction
  • love
  • poisonivy
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DC Harem x Reader by Lynxtheguy
DC Harem x Readerby James Jerrell
(Y/n) (l/n), an outlaw? A hero? A villian? An antihero? Only time will tell.
  • ramance
  • supergirl
  • batgirl
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The Rose of Thorns (A Young Justice Fanfic) by AlennaWilde
The Rose of Thorns (A Young Justic...by 💛Alenna💛
Iris has had it hard ever since she bloomed. I did mention she was basically a plant right? Iris Isley is the secret daughter of Poison Ivy, raised in the confines of Ar...
  • artemis
  • superboy
  • justiceleague
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Jokers child by pennsword
Jokers childby Fairchild
Deciding what's best for you child is always hard, especially when what's best for your child is to abandon your old life for a new one. Especially when you're Harley Qu...
  • kidnap
  • catwoman
  • privateschool
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Highschool dxd x male reader  by QuintenWolfork
Highschool dxd x male reader by Leapord
You are the son of poison Ivy and you moved to kuoh town from Gotham city because you're mother Ivy wanted you to have a regular life
  • highschooldxd
  • romane
  • malexfemale
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In love with a maniac: Jeremiah Valeska  by jeremiahvaleska11213
In love with a maniac: Jeremiah Va...by Gothamfanfics
Y/n has been friends with Xander for as long as she can remember even after she found out his real identity. But things happen that she couldn't even imagine, and her be...
  • gotham
  • cameronmonaghan
  • jokerxharley
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Welcome to the Madhouse [Joker] by shaunabuckingham
Welcome to the Madhouse [Joker]by Shauna Buckingham
When Doctor Jones begins working at Arkham Asylum alongside Jonathan Crane, she never expected to get involved with a character like the Joker. ~I do not own Batman, or...
  • love
  • jokerxoc
  • hurt
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Gotham Preferences by alicegradswe
Gotham Preferencesby Alicee
Preferences for your favorite Gotham characters! Including: Jim Gordon Oswald Copplepot Edward Nigma Jerome Valeska Bruce Wayne Tabitha Galavan And more!
  • gotham
  • harleyquinn
  • tabithagalavan
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Mad Love (The Joker And Harley Quinn Fanfiction) by MissJeymer
Mad Love (The Joker And Harley Qui...by Jaimer Danah Torres
When the psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel was assigned to the Arkham Asylum-A place for insane criminals- she felt the passion for her profession rushing through her vei...
  • harleyquinn
  • puddin
  • batman
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In Another Life VI by elionwy18
In Another Life VIby Christine M. Greenleaf
I just can't stop writing these! XD Here's yet another alternate universe story about the gangster Jack Napier and Harleen Quinzel :-)
  • harleyquinn
  • batman
  • zsaz
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The Wrong Start (JokerXHarley) by revitupR
The Wrong Start (JokerXHarley)by revitupR
A twist on the original origin of the infamous relationship of Harley Quinn and The Joker where Dr Quinzel was planned to have session with the joker when he escaped Ark...
  • harley
  • quinn
  • thejoker
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Doormat by elionwy18
Doormatby Christine M. Greenleaf
Harley Quinn becomes jealous of another woman in the Joker's life, and overcompensates by becoming even more of a doormat than usual to keep him with her. Joker uses Har...
  • madhatter
  • poisonivy
  • joker
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His Last Joke (Sequel to His Last Laugh) by DCfreakxox
His Last Joke (Sequel to His Last...by DCfreakxox
Previously after Eva getting involved in pursuing a certain jewel with The Joker and The Riddler. Evangeline Striker can't seem to remember anything that has previously...
  • riddler
  • joker
  • fanficition
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Learning Under Legend's by HiredByCobblepot
Learning Under Legend'sby A.C.
*Updates Every Thursday*Also On FanFiction.Net* Book 1 in: Dark Knight-Legends-Series After the events of Gotham. Ace - Agatha Casrael Elven- is a street kid, after the...
  • penguin
  • fanfiction
  • jeremiahvaleska
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