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The Villain Wrangler by lilhawkeye3
The Villain Wranglerby lilhawkeye3
When a sick child asks to meet a villain (instead of a celebrity or superhero like with most wishes), someone's got to have the guts to track these wanted individuals do...
DCAMU x Ghost Rider (Harem) by ThatEhhGuy
DCAMU x Ghost Rider (Harem)by Civil Warrior
Robbie Reyes..a simple mechanic in Gotham..or so we all thought, through day he's Robbie Reyes a simple man but at night he is the spirt of vengeance..the 🔥Ghost Rider�...
roses and spider by MarcRios6
roses and spiderby primelll
A plant develop feelings for a spider
A Queen Like No Other {Book 1} by LupusNoir00
A Queen Like No Other {Book 1}by Lupus Noir
This is a Dc Story that I found on my computer, it's not completely done, but I believe I can work my way around to the ending. I hope you all enjoy this Original story...
The Question by BaguetteManOfficial
The Questionby BaguetteManOfficial
After the death of his parents (y/n) and his sister Helena were made orphans, their family fortune untouchable to them until they come of age. They grew up in many diffe...
NOVA || Titans {Jason Todd} by CharmedGirl4
NOVA || Titans {Jason Todd}by LoverGirlNicole
Aurora King planned on protecting Central City not training a new Robin. With Central City without a Flash, Aurora steps up. But when she receives a call from Bruce Wayn...
Poison Ivy - Teen Wolf [1]  by moonlightshimmer25
Poison Ivy - Teen Wolf [1] by moonlightshimmer25
"POISON IVY's REAL - " "AND SHE's NOTHING LIKE UMA THURMAN" teen wolf season one - two i do not own teen wolf and poison ivy all goes to the writers...
Poison Rose by Sparkle_Mama
Poison Roseby Sparkle Mama
Nature is a funny thing, just when you think you've seen all of it, it surprises you, the team and the justice league are about to learn this when Poison Ivy dies, but n...
Make The World Ours!! by KevinGarcia840
Make The World Ours!!by Kingbroly314
Join Us in the adventure of the Harley Quinn show with A plus one. Neo Harper also known as the Reaper. A scientist in gotham city on the verge of nanotechnology Caught...
Mama's little angel by ArnorianRuby
Mama's little angelby ArnorianRuby
You are Poison Ivy's only living child. She loves you unconditionally and is always worried about you.
Healing Nature by RSPBLiterature
Healing Natureby R.S.P.B
Locked away for over 30 years in Arkham resides a prisoner who has seemingly seen it all. But can two strange women one gifted with the power of controlling plants and a...
Batman: Super Soldier by mickol93
Batman: Super Soldierby mickol93
Issac Bishop was just a United States Marine, and the boyfriend of Barbara Gordon, AKA Batgirl. Until one night, his life changed because of the Joker. He shot both of t...
The Red Hood by The_Little_Who_0
The Red Hoodby The_Little_Who_0
This story is based off of the events following Jason Todd's death A.K.A Red Hood A.K.A the second robin. It does not follow the story line of the comic books, completel...
🦇Batman Villains Parents Scenarios/Headcanons🦇 by FoulsPerfectionWorld
🦇Batman Villains Parents Scenario...by FoulsPerfectionWorld
What if you got adopted by one of the most dangerous or popular villain of Gotham ? Seems fun right ? Well you're in the right spot ! Enjoy ! Villains that I write : M...
Suicide squad: Poison Rose by sparkle123tt
Suicide squad: Poison Roseby Sparkle123tt
Camellia Lamentia is the 16 year old daughter of Poison Ivy. What happens when Ivy kills the girls father then leaves Camellia to take the blame and deal with the bat? S...
All of a Sudden by NasXtea
All of a Suddenby NasXtea
A patrol gone wrong , and changes happen in Damian's life. Damian 15 y.o
Professor Fear (the sequel) - Jonathan Crane by CrimsonTea
Professor Fear (the sequel) - Jona...by CrimsonTea
Daria and Jonathan consider a relationship that isn't built on fear. Will it survive or will Scarecrow's addiction to terror intervene? Is Jonathan the man Daria thinks...
Falling inlove with the bats partner~ (Completed) by A_Lee_Noir2007
Falling inlove with the bats partn...by A_Lee_Noir2007
Hi guys! I know I have been offline for a long time because of personal stuff, but I now present to you my newest story!.... A Daminette fan fic! In this story everyon...
Trapped in the Closet by otakupotato12
Trapped in the Closetby otakupotato12
I DO NOT OWN THESE CHARACTERS, ART OR SONGS! IT IS A FANFICTION!!! Please let me know who the artists are so I can credit them :). Batman and The Joker somehow end up tr...
male Oc ghost rider x dc harem by CallanAdamDobbieFras
male Oc ghost rider x dc haremby Callan-Adam Dobbie-Fraser
Callanadam and his dog dakota made a deal with the devil to save his mother but ended up killing her because of the deal so run away but then they become the ghost rider...