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Punishment by Aidelojie
Punishmentby Aidelojie
She tries to hide but he will always know better //warning ⚠️: this is a spanking story that is not mine and has been altered. The original story can be found at: https:...
  • catwoman
  • ed
  • romance
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You know me!  by Scarlett282
You know me! by
'Selina I know you' and this isn't you," "You know me?" "Yes, better than you know yourself."
  • barbarakean
  • batcat
  • catwoman
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Catwoman // Steve Rogers by parkgomezfics
Catwoman // Steve Rogersby —»Diana»💕
The Morningstar Series ~~~ "Mmm, you made me kind of a softie,big guy. But don't forget just because I'm with you, 'Good' guys, doesn't mean my inner kitty would s...
  • avengersinfinitywar
  • avengers
  • wandamaximoff
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Born to Fly [ REWRITING / EDITING. ] by uploadsforjack
Born to Fly [ REWRITING / hannah piccione
[ IN THE MIDDLE OF RE-WRITES AND EDITS. ] Sera Gordon has lived in Gotham all her life and just like her brother, she wants to change it. She finds her calling as a regi...
  • fishmooney
  • theriddler
  • butch
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Life is Game by Nightingale81
Life is Gameby Nightingale81
"Life is game, we make it to the end by surviving" Jane sat down next to Jason, "We're considered lucky because we got a second chance." "What'...
  • nightwing
  • batboys
  • batfamily
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Gotham Oneshots/Imagines by KaiCerulli
Gotham Oneshots/Imaginesby kai
An assortment of Gotham Imagines featuring various characters and situations. Contains spoilers
  • theriddler
  • oswaldcobblepot
  • jimgordon
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A Little Birdy Told Me (Bat Family) by CherryPieEvenings
A Little Birdy Told Me (Bat Family)by ⚡️Kyamyi⚡️
•COMPLETED •EDITING Batman and Catwoman obviously have chemistry -- even Alfred ships them. So what happens when they get busy and ten years later our favorite cat burgl...
  • redhood
  • daughterofbatman
  • gothamcity
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Mortal Danger- Marvel and DC crossover by MarvelousMarvel24
Mortal Danger- Marvel and DC MarvelousMarvel24
After thanos's defeat, the population has been restored and the world is at peace........ for now. One day, one of Hank Pym's inventions goes haywire opening a portal to...
  • hulk
  • flash
  • superman
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Too Late by Sibuna14
Too Lateby Kellyann
Edward Nygma was always trying to get the attention of Kristen Kringle, with every try she pushed him away. He wanted to give up, until she came along. She was the only...
  • dccomics
  • edwardnygma
  • dc
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No Heroes by veronica_evy
No Heroesby Evelyn
Events take place after S4. Selina Kyle wakes up in a hospital outside of Gotham, and realizes that Bruce Wayne broke his promise to stay with her. Alfred Pennyworth...
  • selinakyle
  • batman
  • brucewayne
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Wild Cat (B.Barnes) by Lone-wolf-fanfics
Wild Cat (B.Barnes)by Lone-wolf-fanfics
Book One: Kangusha Queen She's the biological daughter of Wolverine and Catwoman. And she's got the claws to prove it. But Tatiana's life has been far from easy. But per...
  • captainamerica
  • thecat
  • gabejones
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Catgirl:Broken(Nightwing)*UNDER MAJOR EDITING* by Brooklyn_Writes
Catgirl:Broken(Nightwing)*UNDER Brooklyn_Writes
Highest rankings: #2 Dick Grayson #2 dccomics #3 Nightwing #4 Batman #2 Catgirl #6 Catwoman #11 league #3 superboy Catgirl was raised by the one and only Catwoman...
  • superboy
  • missmartian
  • nightwing
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Dc memes and other by stephanieonfire
Dc memes and otherby Stephanie
The title say it all and i dont own nothing
  • blackcanary
  • wonderwoman
  • nightwing
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In Another Life III by elionwy18
In Another Life IIIby Christine M. Greenleaf
Yet another alternate universe story about the first meeting between Jack Napier and Harleen Quinzel, who would later become the Joker and Harley Quinn.
  • catwoman
  • two-face
  • joker
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Goodbye Sanity, Hello Headlines by mikaylapast
Goodbye Sanity, Hello Headlinesby Mikayla
"Come on gorgeous, you didn't think I'd stay dead did you?" SEQUEL TO GOTHAM GAZETTE, DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE READ THAT Turns out killing your dad...
  • penguin
  • riddler
  • jimgordon
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●Blurry Face●Suicide Squad●Book 2● by cookiecupcakefighter
●Blurry Face●Suicide Squad●Book 2●by クッキー
"I rather dance with the devil for eternity" This is book two for my suicide squad dolly Trinity is kidnapped by the one and only Joker (all because Harley did...
  • batmen
  • deadshot
  • demons
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Car Radio || Jeremiah Valeska by PurpleInsanity
Car Radio || Jeremiah Valeskaby Ms. Lovett
Set during (4×21)&(4×22) Ever had a bad day and want to turn on your radio? Take a seat as Harleen Quinzel comes into Gotham with no tunes to lighten the situation as sh...
  • valeska
  • dccomics
  • wayne
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Arkham Knight {Jason Todd Fanfic/ Arkham Knight fanfic} by aj-shook
Arkham Knight {Jason Todd Aj
«You where dead for a whole year.» «I know baby, I know»
  • jasontodd
  • ốc
  • arkhamknight
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Jokers child by pennsword
Jokers childby Fairchild
Deciding what's best for you child is always hard, especially when what's best for your child is to abandon your old life for a new one. Especially when you're Harley Qu...
  • europe
  • villain
  • kidnap
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dc imagines from tumblr by -gothxmcity
dc imagines from tumblrby shania [hiatus]
#3 IN DC IMAGINES #3 IN GOTHAM IMAGINES a majority of the imagines are fluff, only a few smut imagines formerly called; gotham imagines from tumblr [NONE OF THESE ONE SH...
  • joker
  • dccomics
  • oswaldcobblepot
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