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Y/n pov

Jeremiah crouched down to my level and pulled out his gun. I scooted back, scared of what he was planning. But Instead of aiming it at me, he handed it to me. "What is this?" I questioned, grabbing the gun. It was a 5 shell, revolver. Jeremiah chuckled and handed me a single bullet.

"Like I said. A test of faith." He hissed. It took me some time, but I quickly realized what he wanted me to do. "If I do this, what's in it for me?" I asked. I wasn't about to risk shooting myself for nothing. Then Jeremiah revealed another gun that was aimed at my stomach. "If you don't.... I'll shoot you myself. But this time, a bullet will come out."

At least I had an eighty percent chance of survival this way. I put the bullet into the revolver and loaded it. "Good." Jeremiah said in response. My heartbeat quickened as I raised it to my head. His stare shot straight through me. "On three darling." He uttered.

His hand came up to my face, as he caressed my cheek, before returning to his side. "One.... two......three!" He said yelling the last number. My eyes closed as I pulled the trigger. A loud bang ensued, but no bullet came out. I let out the breath I was holding. "Well, well." Jeremiah said. He leaned in and whispered in my ear. "I'm glad I have your trust." He uttered.

3 hours later

Three of the workers walked up to me and began removing my shackle. "What are you doing?" I asked. An uneasy feeling rushed over me. As the shackle came off I touched my ankle with my hand.

There was a red band of skin circling it from where the shackle had worn down my skin. "We have orders from Jeremiah Valeska." One of them said in a monotone voice. The other two grabbed my arm and began leading me out of the room. "W-Wait!" I yelled, but they didn't stop. As we exited the room, I saw something strange.

I could've sworn I saw Selina disguised in the workers clothes, as we walked by. My mind must have been playin games with me. I'm going insane I thought to myself.

We came into a new room. It was similar to the one I had been in before. Except no tunnel. In the middle of the room was a table with four restraints on the corners. I soon realized what this was "Wait! Please don't!" I urged. I struggled against their grip, but they were too strong.

They picked me up and slammed me down on the table. One of them held me down as the others began to apply the restraints. "No! No! Please don't!" I screamed. Tears were running down my face. After they had restrained all my arms and legs, they left.

Only a few minutes later Jeremiah walked in. "Evening Darling. How have you settled?" He asked walking up to me. He began to put on medical gloves, and I felt myself body shift in its position. "Jeremiah? What are y-you gonna do?" I questioned, terrified of what the reply would be.

"Call it... a more extreme test of faith. But if we're honest... it's just.....entertainment." He chuckled. He then reveled a bag of tools, and rummaged through it, before pulling out a scalpel. "Ok... let's have some fun." He hissed.

In an instant he rushed to the side of the table. "Now. Let's remove those old rags." He suggested. His slid the scalpel down my abdomen lightly enough to only cut through the fabric of my top. I gasped as he ripped my shirt off. "Now we can begin." He whispered. Begin what I thought to myself. But before I could process what was going on, I felt a cool sensation slide down my abdomen.

It took a few seconds, but eventually the pain registered. I let out a shrill scream of pain, as he continued cutting into my flesh. "Please, god stop!" I yelled. He held me down with one arm, to prevent me thrashing. "Calm down, Darling. We've only just begun." He said. I saw a wild look in his eyes.

He cut in several other places also. Each one felt like I was being ripped apart. The pain surged through my body like a bolt of lightning. After endless minutes of me screaming in agony, he stopped. "That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow." He voiced in a snake like tone. Blood ran down my pale body and I felt myself falling out of consciousness, before another figure came into my view. I thought it was Jeremiah, but when the figure spoke, I could tell it was female. "I have to get you out of here." The voice said in a hushed tone. I opened my eyes to see who it was. "S-Selina?"

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