Thats entertainment pt 1

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I do not recommend reading this without watching Gotham season 4. At least watch the last few episodes to understand the story.

3rd person pov.

"Xan-I mean-Jeremiah!" Y/n called. Her voice echoed through the corridors. She never really liked how Xander kept his house. He had a maze that led to his study and his whole house was underground. It all made him seem so paranoid. She didn't like that even though she could see he was. Jeremiah had been extra nervous recently. Jerome escaped from his prison with the help of crane and tetch, and the uncertainty Plagued Jeremiah thoughts. Y/n had a hard time calling him Jeremiah. Sometimes she would catch herself calling him Xander again, and she could tell it made him sad, so she tried her best to remember. Jeremiah seemed so frightened now that Jerome knew where he was. Y/n tried not to think about it.

Jeremiah pov

He's out there. I thought to myself. I had to stop myself before my mind could wander any further, but it was hard to, knowing that Jerome was out there, getting ready to kill me. The police had done an ok job at protecting me, but the GCPD couldn't protect me from my brother.

I was (luckily) pulled out of my thoughts by y/n's voice. She almost called me Xander again. I felt bad about lying to her for so long, but she knows it was just to protect her.

I came into the study where she was. "Did you call me?" I asked. "Oh yeah, sorry. I still don't know my way out of the maze. Can you help me out?" Y/n asked. I could tell she was a little embarrassed. I laughed lightly at this. "Of course. You know, there's maps in the drawer by my desk. You can take one." I said leading her through the corridors. "I know... it's just... I kinda wanted to talk." She said without looking at me. I stopped her and looked at her. "Ok. Talk About what?" I asked.

I always kind of liked y/n. She wasn't the smartest or the prettiest, but she was so much different then the other girls. She didn't care what people thought. I admired that.

"I wanted to make sure you were ok. I know Jerome escaping you and ecco's prison has made you nervous, but you're safe. I promise." She told me.

Y/n pov

I looked up at him. He stood six feet tall. Not that much taller than me. (I was 5'7) still tall enough to look down on me. "Y/n, I know. It's not me I'm worried about." Jeremiah spoke softly. I soon realized what he meant. "Mr valeska." Another voice interrupted. Ecco. "Oh hi Ecco. What is it?" He responded.

Ecco was Jeremiah's personal assistant- bodyguard- combo lady. I didn't know her official position, but she hated me. "There's a cab here." She Said. "Oh. It's mine." I spoke out. "You gave a stranger my location?" Jeremiah said. He seemed nervous. "No, no, no. The cab is on the main road. At least a half a mile away from your house." I said. Was Jeremiah at me?

Jeremiah led me out of the maze, but wouldn't go any further. I gave him a smile, and started to walk to the main road. The road was a half mile away, so the walk would take a few minutes. Jeremiah's house was in the middle of a forest. Except for the main road, he had no access to society. Walking through the woods was terrifying. I felt like I was in a horror movie. I was about to call my best friend mady, when I heard a noise. It sounded like branches breaking. My head snapped in that direction. "Hello?" I called out. I began to head back to the road, and picked up my pace.

About two minutes later I could see the road and the cab. The drivers door opened and I expected to see an elderly old man, like the one I spoke to on the phone, but this person didn't look human. It was tall and rose slowly from behind the cab. Brown cloth draped over its body. My heart beated in my ears. Completely terrified, I backed up, until I hit a hard chest. I froze. The man's arms wrapped around my waist and he whispered in my ear. "Boo." Followed by a maniacal laugh. Jerome.

Jerome pov.

Me and mr. crane took her back in the cab jervis tetch hijacked. She was extremely pretty. Surprising that my brother could befriend a human let alone a pretty one. "Why are you doing this?" She spoke. Her voice was kind of deep and cold. I was surprised she could remain so calm. "Why not? Now tell me about how you and my brother met. I'm curious."

"We went to the same school. St ignatius." She said. She didn't say anymore. I could tell she wasn't in the mood for a conversation, but I was. "And" I urged her to continue. "I needed help with calculus." She said, once again not saying anymore. "And" I continued a little more exaggerative. "And he offered to tutor me. He was friends with my friend mady, so we already kind of knew eachother. After that we kept talking and eventually became good friends." She finished. "That was boring, but I guess that's Jeremiah's thing." I said. "Tell me. If you knew where Jeremiah was why not just take him? Why me?" She asked. I could tell she wasn't afraid of me. I didn't know how though. "Oh I have a plan. A fun one."

Y/n pov.

When we arrived at wherever we were going it was about 3:30 in the afternoon. I looked out of the window, but was surprised to see people. a big crowd of people. A concert I guess. "What are you doing?" I asked a little more afraid then before. "Well! This is the plan." Jerome said like I was supposed to know.

Jim Gordon pov

I was sorting through files of old cases when Harvey called me. "Jim! Turn on the news." He yelled. I did as he said and the first thing I noticed was Jerome's maniacal laugh. I soon after saw the commissioner, the mayor, a young girl, and some others all had bombs strapped on their necks, sitting in chairs. Jerome continued to prance around on stage, while I tried to see who all was there. All I could make out was firefly, but there were others. Then Jerome grabbed the camera. "Now the one man who can get me what I want. Calling Gordon. Calling captain James Gordon."

Y/n pov

Much to my discontent, Jerome came over to where I was and kneeled to my level. His face was horrifying, It looked better than it did months ago. "Ya know... after I kill my brother, I'm gonna take you. I'm not that into you, so I'll torture you and kill you. Maybe even on live television." He whispered in my ear. I leaned back and thrusted my head forward hitting his. Blood trickled from above his nose. He just laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

James Gordon pov

I stepped out of the car, and made my way through the crowd. I could see the girl Jerome took. She didn't look scared at all. She looked like she had accepted her fate. I felt bad for her. Jerome saw me and began to speak. "Well as I live and breathe. James Gordon is in the house." He said blankly. The smile on his face still creeped me out. "I'm not talking to you until I can get up there and check on the well being of your hostages." I demanded. He came closer to the microphone and spoke in a colder tone. "First of all Jim, your late. Second: I think I'm the one that should be making demands... don't you." He then revealed the trigger that I guessed was for the bombs.

3rd person pov

Y/n's breath became shaky. Knowing that Jerome could blow her head off at any point and time was an unsettling thought. She felt pity for Jeremiah who was undoubtedly watching this on the news.
To be continued....

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