That old corpse

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Y/n pov

I needed to find Jim. I needed to tell him about Jeremiah. But I couldn't exactly just walk into the GCPD now that it was overtaken. I decided That if I couldn't reach Jim I could at least warn Bruce.

I knew Bruce and Jeremiah had become good friends now that Bruce was helping him with his energy generator.

Bruce pov

Me and Jeremiah continued to examine the generator. It was almost done. "Jeremiah... I didn't think you could get the generator programs working so quickly." I said as I walked around it. It was amazing.

"Ready for a demonstration?" He asked me. I could see how exited this made him. He walked over to the controller. "Ok.. you hit the switch there and the facility will be disconnected from the power grid." He said pointing to a box on the wall.

I saw the switch and did as he said. The whole room went black. I waited for a minute and soon a blue light shined from the generator. I was amazed. A few seconds later the ceiling lights came back on, then The computers. The generator had worked.

"Ambient energy.... clean and stable. Harvested from micro tremors and air density shifts, it's virtually without costs." He said. I circled the generator, observing the blue rays coming from it. It really was beautiful.

"And with the prototypes from Wayne labs, we can power all of Gotham?" I asked, extremely impressed by Jeremiah's intellect. "You've kept this project a secret, yes?" He asked me which I found a bit odd. But nonetheless I answered. "No one outside of Wayne enterprises knows it exists." I responded.

He seemed a little on edge. He began walking my way. "It's the ones that are closer to you, that you have to keep your eye on. I know better than anyone." He said. Now He seemed extremely paranoid. I guess it made sense though.

He walked over to a drawer and opened it to reveal a journal. "Arkham asylum sent me all of Jerome's personal effects, and I found this." He motioned toward the journal. It was Jerome's. I could tell by the decorations on the cover. And when he opened it, it revealed very disturbing drawings.

Y/n pov

I rushed to Wayne manor, praying that Bruce would be there. I pulled up in the driveway and stepped out. Though the times were intense I still had to admire the beauty of mr Wayne's home. It was huge and very well kept. I snapped out of my thoughts and rushed to the door.

I knocked vigorously. No answer. I knocked again. No answer. I was about to leave when the door opened. "Ms L/N? Can I help you?" I heard a voice say. It was British.

When I turned around I saw an older man standing in toe doorway. "Oh yes, you must Alfred. I was looking for Bruce. Is he home right now?" I said. The man seemed to recognize me, even though I had never seen him before. "Could you tell me where he is?" I asked.

I think i was the only one who realized what kind of danger he was in. "Sure thing miss. He's at Jeremiah Valeska's home. If you can call that a home." Alfred said. My heart sunk.

I had had to save him if he wasn't already dead, that is. "Oh my god. You don't understand, Jeremiah isn't who he says he is." I said before running back to my car. I pulled out my keys and opened the door. I slammed on the gas and headed for Jeremiah's bunker.

As I arrived to the road by Jeremiah's house I saw a car leaving. It was Jeremiah's. I couldn't stop him in a car so I decided to follow him.

His car was much nicer than mine. I drove an old beat up sedan while he drove a red Volkswagen Beetle. Thinking of that made me miss my old Jeremiah. The one that I would cheat off for tests and help me with my homework. He used to be so sweet. So gentle. I tried not to think about it.

Bruce pov (recommend watching Gotham season 4 episode 20 before reading the following)

When we arrived at the cemetery Jeremiah seemed even more on edge. I had brought him here to calm him down. To ease his thoughts, but it was clear that wasn't working. We stepped out of his car and headed towards Jerome's burial sight.

We walked for about five minutes in total silence before coming up on his grave. I was horrified the sight. Before us was a dug up and empty grave. Instantly Jeremiah took off running. "He's alive!" He yelled as he ran down through the graveyard.

I chased after him. It would be hard to calm him down now, even though it was clearly the work of Jerome's followers.

I saw him run into a building and prayed that I could reason with him.

Y/n pov

All I could see from my car was Jeremiah running away from something and Bruce running after him. Jeremiah didn't look like the monster I had seen earlier. His skin looked normal and his hair was red as I remember. I knew it was probably a facade but a part of me hoped I had dreamt the last few hours.

When I couldn't see them anymore I panicked. I was scared for Bruce so I stepped out of the car and got myself together. I didn't know how I was going to face Jeremiah. The thought of him terrified me.

I was ripped out of my thoughts by gunshots.

Bruce pov

Jeremiah had gone mad. He was convinced that I was Jerome impersonating myself. "I know it's you Jerome!" He cried. I was terrified and tried to calm him down. "Jeremiah give me the gun." I said, but he immediately fired a bullet into the ground beside me.

I jumped back. He really was insane. "Turn around brother." He said pointing the gun at me. I put my hand in the air maintaining eye contact. "I said turn around!" He yelled. I did as he said in fear of what he would do if I didn't. "It's time to put you back in your grave." He said in a shaky voice.

Y/n pov

Still standing next to my car I heard another gunshot. It was coming from the indoor burial grounds. I was going to head over, but stopped myself when I saw Bruce emerge from the building.

Oh thank god, I thought, but the feeling of relief crumbled when I saw Jeremiah also come out with a gun aimed at Bruce's head.

I grabbed the gun in my car, something Jeremiah had made me install Incase I was attacked by Jerome. Ironic that I was using it on him now.

I watched where they were headed and followed. I snuck around behind them, careful not to make a sound. Then all of a sudden I looked to where they were going. I expected to see a tombstone, but instead I saw Jerome's lifeless body rested against the tombstone right next to an empty grave.

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