Meeting again

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Y/n pov

I stepped outside the building and began walking towards the nearest road. "5826 wellbury Avenue" I repeated to myself. I wasn't known to have the best memory, but I couldn't forget this. Surely I could bring Jeremiah out of the darkness. Back to the way he used to be.

I almost felt like I was mourning. Like the Jeremiah I knew had died. But I guess in some way, he had.

I had to walk a while, but I arrived at a street and hailed a cab. "5826 wellbury Avenue please." I said to the driver as i stepped into the cab. He typed it into his GPS. "Um ma'm, that building is abandoned. And I'm not allowed to drive to abandoned buildings." The man said back to me.

I really didn't need this right now. "I'll pay extra!" I yelled maybe a little to loud. "I'm sorry, But I really can't." He replied. I searched my jacket, and was glad to find my wallet. I expected the followers would've stolen it.

" If I pay twice the original price will you take me there?!" I yelled in a frustrated tone. "Uh.. yeah I guess." He said. I realized I looked like a maniac, but I needed to get there and soon.

Jeremiah pov

I arrived at my stronghold. As I began descending down the stairs, I saw something quite unusual. "Oswald Cobblepot, Barbara Kean..... in my stronghold."

I looked around and examined the scene. Before me was butch gilzean, Barbara Kean, Tabitha Galavan, and Oswald Cobblepot holding a trigger attached to my right side man, jongleur, who was holding my core relay.

My core relay controlled all of my bombs, so this was clearly a very sensitive situation. "And is that my dear jongleur with my core relay in his hands, and a grenade in his mouth?" I asked. I knew I could just rewire the bombs to work directly but I wanted to see how this would play out.

Oswald spoke first. "Indeed it is. And now, we have our own demands." He said taking a step towards me. "50 million. Unmarked bills. And today." He demanded. I took a seat in the chair next to me. "50 million dollars. That's what you want?" I asked. "It's a nice round number." Oswald said, with a ridiculous smile on his face. I could t wait to blow him up.

Y/n pov

I had some trouble working up the courage to go in. "I can do this." I thought to myself. It probably looked suicidal, a young girl storming into an abandoned building full of maniacs, but this was what was going to happen.

I took a few steps forward and pushed open the door. All of a sudden I heard a loud boom. At first I thought another bomb went off, but the sound was too quiet and came from inside the building.

I opened the door fully and took a few steps inside. I ducked behind the railing and watched in shock as Jeremiah laid down a bazooka. "Are you out of your mind?!" I saw a small man yell. I was confused at what was going on. I saw a blonde woman who I recognized as Barbara Kean, and a few others who I didn't.

After some silence Jeremiah spoke up. "Why do you keep insisting I'm insane? What's so insane about having a back up plan? Something jongleur never knew about. And just so you know this building is within the blast radius and because of your interference I'm going to detonate the bombs as soon as I'm far enough away to observe the destruction in peace!" Jeremiah yelled.

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