"Is everybody ready!"

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Ecco pov

Y/n walked into the study hesitantly. You shouldn't have opened the door. You shouldn't have brought her. I thought. There was no way To avoid her discovering what Jeremiah had become. I did them both a favor. But Jeremiah wouldn't see it that way.

What if she didn't follow the plan? What if she told him I led her there? I had to think fast. I went around the maze and came in the side door, careful not to make my presence known.

Y/n backed up. She knew. "Oh my god you-" she began. I grabbed a book and struck her in the head. She fell to the floor unconscious.

Jeremiah looked at me with wide eyes. "Why did you do that?!" He yelled. I have to admit, he scared me. And I don't scare easily. "She was going to run. I didn't want her to tell anyone. Besides now you can keep her here with you." I said hoping he wouldn't be mad.

I studied his expression and looked for any sign of emotion. None. But I kept looking, Trying to tell what he was thinking. "Take her to the guest room." He said.

His eyes stared right into me and for a minute I felt completely vulnerable. Which was very unusual for me. "And Ecco... don't forget about our plans for tomorrow.... with Bruce." He hissed.

I nodded and lifted y/n into my arms. She wasn't too heavy, so getting her up was easy. I carried her into the maze and made my way through the corridors.

About half way there she started to move around in my arms. Crap she's waking up. Immediately her eyes opened and she squirmed out of my grip. I was about to punch her but she beat me to it and with one blow to the face she knocked me to the floor.

Y/n pov

Ecco lifted her fist like she was going to hit me again. My reflexes must have kicked in because I inflicted one blow to her nose knocking her to the ground.

I took off through the maze running into dead end after dead end. Each time I was surprised not to be caught by her. I kept running through the corridors. I went left and right a million times before I finally saw something. A door! Thank god I thought.

My heart sunk when I realized it was the study and I had gone in a full circle. Then my heart rate picked up. Jeremiah was in that study. What would he do to me if he caught me?

I was going to turn around but then I realized the maps were in there. They could be my only chance of escape. I had to get them. I peered through the window to see where Jeremiah was.

He was facing the wall away from the maps. If I was going to do this I had to be exceptionally quiet. And do it before Ecco came back. The door was already open, but barely. There was a crack that at first glance, wouldn't be noticeable.

I slowly opened the door praying that it wouldn't creak. It didn't. I slipped in with my eyes locked on the pale figure before me. He stayed completely still, examining some map. A map of.... Gotham?

I made my way to the desk and tried to remember what drawer the maps were in. There was only two, but I couldn't remember. I only had one shot at this before Jeremiah noticed me. Crap! I thought. eeney meeney miney moe...

I went with the one on the left and slowly opened it. Thank god. Inside laid the maps. I grabbed one and slowly made my way to the door. My feet carefully struck the wood. I walked so stealthily, each foot stroke being as light as possible.

Through the window I saw Ecco heading this way. Damn it. She found me! I quickly hid behind the door before she entered. I was glad she didn't notice the door was open.

She walked into the study and approached Jeremiah. "Did she settle in yet?" Jeremiah asked. Ecco began fiddling with her hands again. "Well... um.. she.. uh.. esc-escaped." Ecco was completely terrified. I almost felt bad for having condemned her to this.

Out of no where Jeremiah slammed his hands on the desk. "what?!" He yelled. I let out a gasp, turning both of their eyes on me. Oh shit. I was frozen. Completely horrified at the sight before me. Jeremiah's mouth lifted to a grin.

I didn't hesitate. Immediately running out the door. I could hear footsteps behind me. "y/n!" The voice yelled, but it wasn't Ecco.... it was Jeremiah. I looked at the map and tried to comprehend what I was seeing. Left. Right- no wait left again.

"You forget y/n.. I built this maze." Jeremiah said. I was startled at how close he was. And I definitely did not forget. Right, left, right, right. I kept my attention on the map. I was lucky to not have run into any walls, and soon I saw the exit door.

Oh Thank Jesus. I thought to myself. I pushed the door open and began to make my way through the forest. Behind me I could hear Jeremiah yelling. "Y/n! Get your ass back here! I own you y/n! You're mine!" I could hear his voice fading off. He must have stopped running. What had he become?

I soon saw my car and forced myself into the front seat. Breathing unsteadily, I stepped on the gas pedal and headed straight for the GCPD. James Gordon was now the only person I trusted right now.

When I arrived at the GCPD, I stepped out of my car and headed for the entrance. I was stopped in my tracks by a horrific sight: Jerome's followers gathered by the GCPD entrance.

At least a hundred of them. They all had on grotesque makeup and wore ridiculous clothes. One of them was juggling machetes. "Is everybody ready!" He cried, and they all stormed the door.... with a coffin?

To be continued...

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