No mans land pt 2

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Y/n pov

After having the bag taken of his head, Bruce's eyes landed on Ra's al ghul. "It's true. How did you two-"
"Find eachother?" Ra's interrupted. "I like to think it was you Bruce. You brought us together." Ra's said, placing a hand on Bruce's shoulder. "From here, we can take in the full majesty of Gotham's destruction." Ra's continued.

Bruce looked at me. The tears were still running down my face, but I didn't make a sound. "Y/n, are you okay? Did they hurt you?" He asked concerned. I was about to respond, but Jeremiah beat me to it. "No, no. We haven't hurt her.... yet. But believe me, I plan to." Jeremiah said, tucking a piece of my hair behind my ear. More tears made their way down my cheeks.

"You're both insane." Bruce said. Ra's sighed. "I know it must be difficult to fathom Bruce. But Jeremiah and I are doing this for your benefit." He insisted. I was strange, but in some way, I felt more pity for Bruce, than myself. They practically told him, that he's the reason hundreds will die. I wouldn't be able to live with that guilt.

"How's is destroying Gotham suppose to help me?" Bruce asked, clearly fed up with Their games. "Because I had a vision. That out of this crucible of blood and fire, will rise the dark night that your city needs. That I need." Ra's defended.

Finally Jeremiah spoke up. "To be honest Bruce.... prophesies, visions, not really my cup of tea. But our friend revealed something to me. That my twin obsession to rebuilding Gotham and rebuilding you are one and the same." Jeremiah took a few steps closer to Bruce, removing his hand from my shoulder, and I let out a breath that I was holding. "You're the brother I never had, the one Jerome never could be. We will create a legacy in this city. Gotham falls, we rise..... together."

"Civilization.... so fragile Bruce. Gotham is soon to be each man for himself. A more savage place." Ra's said. I didn't understand how that could be a good thing.

Soon another voice joined the conversation. We all turned to the source. "Sounds like fun... sure you wanna leave." A woman said. She was blonde with slicked back hair. I remembered her from Jeremiah's stronghold. She tried to bargain with him.

Jim pov

"Harvey, what the hell? why are we clearing the bridges?" The officer asked. Harvey stepped in front of me. "Because we said to. now do it!" Harvey yelled. The bombs were stolen along with the gcpd transport vans, so it was likely that they were still in them. "Has a GCPD transport van come through here?" I asked the officer.

"Yeah, one came by about twenty minutes ago. Had to make way for it." He replied

Y/n pov

All hell broke loose, in minutes. I saw penguin, Tabitha Galavan, mr pennyworth, And a whole bunch of women with swords. They stampeded In a hail of bullets. I would be lying if I said it wasn't fun to watch.

Jeremiah rushed to Bruce's side, Using him as a shield. In an instant, he kicked over my chair, blocking me from the incoming bullets. Thanks I guess. I thought to myself.

As my body hit the ground, the zip ties binding me to the chair snapped. I rolled across the floor until I hit someone's legs, as I looked up, and my eyes widened. It was one of Ra's al ghul's men.

The man laughed and got on top of me. I struggled under his body. "Ugh! Stop!" I cried. He pulled out a knife and was about to stab me. I closed my eyes, expecting a sharp pain, but the blow never came. I felt something spray my face, so I looked up and the mans throat was slit. His blood decorated my skin.

As I looked behind him, there stood Jeremiah Valeska. A wild grin across his face. "I have to say, y/n. This is a good look on you. The blood really brings out your eyes." He hissed. Immediately he climbed on top of me, and His hand wrapped around my throat. His grip blocked my airways and I could feel myself losing consciousness.

Out of instinct I grabbed the soldiers knife. "You should try it sometime" I shot back  I was going to stab him, but to my surprise, he let go. He aimed his gun at one of the sword wielding women, and fired. Suddenly a whip wrapped around his hand, knocking the gun out of it.

It was the galavan girl. I watched in shock as she pulled him into a chokehold. "Just so you know, this is for Selina." She said. So Jeremiah succeeded. Selina got shot. I watched gladly, expecting her to strangle him. But out of nowhere he pulled out a knife, Holstered around her leg and stabbed her in the calf. I watch In horror as he slammed her on the floor, and brought the knife to her face.

I rushed to where they were standing. Jeremiah said something else that I couldn't hear. I was sprinting towards her. He wasn't going to kill another person if I could stop it. Suddenly he flew off of her, and I stopped in my tracks. I was glad she was alive, but pain gathered in my body. when I looked down, all I saw was blood dripping from my abdomen. I brought my hand up to touch the wound.

As I turned around to face my shooter, I was shocked by who I saw. It was penguin. He gave me a look that said 'sorry, you got in my way.' And I fell to the floor. As I stared at the ceiling I closed my eyes and listened to all the chaos around me. Battle cries, and screaming. Gunshots, and grunts. then a loud boom rang out, and all the chaos ceased. Then another boom. Then another. And another.

I couldn't open my eyes, but I knew Gotham was now up for grabs. I didn't mind. I wouldn't live to see it. I thought to myself, but arms wrapped around me, and lifted my limp body off the ground....

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