The dark zone

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"So what's the plan?" I asked. The gladers were about fifty meters away, so we had about ten seconds before they reached us. Ecco looked at me, as a wild smirk crossed her face. She pulled out a gun. "Here, you take this." She said.

By the The time I had grabbed the gun from her, she had lunged her body onto the roof of a car. I followed her example, and stepped on the the top of the vehicle next to hers. We opened fire on the crowd approaching. My shoulder jerked back at the constant recoil of the gun. Blood decorated the asphalt ground.

Despite our gunfire, the crowd still pushed forwards towards us. I didn't realize how close they were until a pair of hands gripped around my ankles and pulled them out from under me. My head slammed hard into the car roof. I attempted to get back up, but before I had the chance my body was dragged off the car and landed flat on the ground.

My attacker crawled on top of me and began delivering blows to my gut. I let out a grunt as he struck my abdomen with his elbow. Soon he pulled out a dagger and raised it up. Without hesitation he rammed it deep into my shoulder.

I let out a shrill scream of agony. He laughed at my pain, and brought his finger up to my face and swiped it across the skin under my eyes. "Doesn't that stuff come off?" He asked, referring to the black stains the chemicals had created.

He was about to say something else, but stopped. Confusion crossed my face as blood dropped from his lips. He fell to the side, and groaned before going silent. He was dead.

I looked up to see Ecco standing with a knife in hand. "Your welcome." She hissed. I wouldn't have expected her to help me, but I guess she was full of surprises. "That looks bad. Huh, sucks for you." She laughed before turning and walking away.

Well, now I knew I could trust her. At least a little anyway. I stood up, holding my shoulder. It was bleeding pretty bad. Pain ripped through my wound.

I looked around at what was left from our encounter. bodies, and blood stained the road. Bullet holes decorated car doors and left behind shattered windows. If someone were to stumble upon this, they would've thought a war had broken loose. Slowly a smile formed on my cheeks.

"You've really gone crazy." Ecco giggled. My smile dropped. "I'm not crazy. Just a little unsteady in the head." I claimed. I wasn't insane. Sadistic maybe, but not insane. "Whatever. Let's just keep moving before the cannibals come out to clean up our mess."

2 hours later

We were about seven miles away from haven. I didn't know what awaited us there. "You do know that I can't even come within a mile of haven before Jim finds out I'm there right?" I questioned.

Ecco turned to face me. "I don't care. We're getting Jeremiah back." She insisted. The way I saw it, Jeremiah could find his own way back, but then Ecco would have no reason not to shoot me in the head. And I couldn't outrun her with this gaping hole in my shoulder. "Sure thing." I replied.

"So are the rumors true?" She queried. "Depends on what the rumor is." I responded. "that Barbara kean is pregnant?" She continued. My eyes widened at the comment. "I didn't know that." I said in surprise. "Yeah, I was thinking of killing her, but I have a thing against killing babies."

"Oh. That's kind of you." I stated, not really surprised by the remark. "Well, if you want to say hi, the sirens club is right there." I said, pointing at the tall building. "So we're close?" She questioned. "Yes."

"Maybe we should pick up the pace." I suggested. I didn't want to be it here any longer than I had to, and I got the feeling we were being watched. "Wait." She ushered, stopping in her tracks. "What is it? Let's keep moving." I urged. The eerie feeling began to accelerate. Soon my heart was pounding in my ears. "No, no. I heard something." She said, resisting my tugging at her arm. "All the more reason to keep going." I suggested again.

But once more she resisted my tugs. She began to speak, but was silenced by a dart sinking into her skin. "What the-" I started. I reached my hand up to my neck and pulled out a dart identical to the one Ecco had in her neck. "Shit."

Barbara Gordon

I sat the two down in chairs and had Selina tied them down. "Gentle with her." I said, pointing to    Y/n. I didn't want to hurt her with the wound in her shoulder. My mind pondered reasons why she could be with Jeremiah's equally insane assistant. I turned around to face away from them, and placed my hands on the bar. It was hard to look at y/n.

She was so different. I knew it was bad to judge based on appearances, but those chemicals had really done a number on her. Selina joined me and leaned her body against the counter. "She doesn't look that bad." She suggested. I was about to respond when I heard another voice. "Appreciate it."

"Y/n, your awake!" I cried. I didn't totally trust her, but I was still happy to see her. "Actually, it's Morgan." She hissed in a mean tone. "I'm sorry about the ropes. You did kill a nurse, so I thought it was necessary." I responded, ignoring the viscosity of her voice.

"Really? I heard that was a suicide." She said smiling. She basically just confessed to it right there. "What happened y/n?" I asked. The chemicals were intense on a human body but not this intense. She opened her mouth to speak, but instead let out a scream. "Y/n?!" I rushed to her side. I could tell she was in pain.

She threw her head back and let out another scream. "Ah! Get out of my head!" She yelled. And then she stopped. Just randomly stopped. "Y/n?" I questioned. Tears ran down her eyes and as I looked into them I saw regret. "What did I do?" She asked, crying. I brought her into a hug. When I pulled away I saw something strange. The black that stained her under-eyes was fading. It was just disappearing.

"Is this y/n, or Morgan?" I queried. "Y/n. I swear." She replied. She looked over to her left and saw Ecco. "Jeremiah, he's awake. He's pretending not to be until he can escape! You have to stop him!" She urged. I wanted to believe her, but I didn't know if I could trust her.

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