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Blood dripped down my abdomen slowly and steadily, as Selina removed my restraints. "We have to get you out of here." She said quietly. I knew Some of Jeremiah's followers were standing outside of the room, to make sure I didn't escape, and I knew Selina could beat them, but not before they contacted Jeremiah. I feared what he would do if he caught me. It pained me to think the man I loved could be so cruel. The old Jeremiah was soft and kind, and would never hurt me. But now, he gets pleasure from my pain.

"Where will we go? Gotham is in rubbles." I responded. I hadn't really thought about what Gotham was now. The last time I had been outside was when the bridges blew. It shocked me in that moment, to realize how long it had been since I breathed fresh air. "There's a place. The sirens club. Barbara will take care of you." She replied back. Barbara Kean? I thought she was a criminal. But I guess everyone is now. Gotham was truly a broken city.

Once Selina removed all four restraints, she sat me up. My skin rubbed against my wounds, creating a harsh sting. I groaned in pain, as it shot though my body. I had been lying down for a while, so when I stood up my legs wobbled. I grabbed onto Selina's shoulder to catch myself. She grabbed my hand and wrapped it around her shoulder. "Ok let's go." She whispered.

We waited until the guards left, before walking out. "Hurry." She said. We walked through the hallway at a quick pace, my arm still braced over Selina's shoulder. We walked past the room with the tunnel, careful not to make much noise. As we continued through the corridors, we heard a voice coming from in front of us. Selina quickly ducked us into a nearby room, where we hid behind the door.

The voice was horrifically familiar. "I want her found. She's going to pay. This time I plan to cut even deeper." Jeremiah said walking pass the room we were in. I covered my mouth with my hands, as tears silently fell down my cheeks. Selina hushed me, trying to quiet my sobs. Every time he said something like that, it was a reminder of the fact that I would never get my old Jeremiah back.

We waited a little while until we were sure Jeremiah and his goons were gone, before emerging from the room. We continued through the hallways, staying as quiet as possible.

After a few minutes of walking we arrived outside. "Ok. Take this." She urged, handing me a knife. I grabbed it, a confused look likely crossing my face. "Aren't you going with me?" I questioned. I knew how to get to the sirens club, but I didn't know what to expect on the way there, and I was scared of what I might find. "I have.... unfinished business." She gritted out. I didn't bother asking. I figured it was something to do with Jeremiah. I didn't care if she killed him. To me, he was already dead.

She gave me a look that told me to hurry. As nervous as I was to face Gotham alone, i knew there was no changing her mind. "Be careful." She said before turning back to go inside the building. In response, I limped over to the sidewalk, holding my stomach, as blood ran down it.

I had been walking down 5th Avenue for a few minutes when I heard footsteps coming from behind me. I quickened my pace. They did too. Soon my walk turned into a run, and the footsteps followed suit. I was going as fast as I could, but not quick enough due to the wounds decorated my abdomen. Soon, they tackled me to the ground.

I was scared that it was one of the workers, but It was a middle aged man in bizarre makeup. He was laughing maniacally. I tried pushing him off of me, but he wouldn't budge. My eyes widened when he pulled out a knife and began pressing it towards my face. I grabbed his hands trying to prevent the knife from reaching my skin. His breath brushed my face with a distinct odor, as he continued his pressure on the knife. I resisted, desperately trying keep the knife from cutting into my face.

"Die, die, die, die." He repeated. My memory returned to the knife Selina gave me. I moved one of my hands down to the pocket of my jacket and pulled it out, ramming it into his neck. His blood poured out onto me, completely saturating me in the red substance.

I shoved his lifeless body off of my own. I could barely open my eyes, as his blood flooded into them. My hair, my clothes, my skin: all covered in blood. 'Maybe I'll fit in now' I thought. I quickly cursed myself for being humorous about this. Sure I was defending myself, but I just killed someone. I took a life. The shock sunk in fully, and I felt my tears mix in with the blood. I was probably dehydrated from all the crying I had done in one day.

Nonetheless, I sat myself up a little to quickly, forgetting about my own wounds, that let out a ferocious sting. I groaned in response, but continued.

As soon as I was on my feet, I carried on to the sirens club. It wasn't far, maybe two more minutes away. I watched my back this time, making sure no one was near.

I limped last broken down cars and boarded up buildings. All around me were signs of a city in ruins. The walls were decorated by spray paint, and grotesque images. I shut them out of my mind.

Soon I could see the sirens club. The building looked well kept compared to the ones around it. A large, white sheets hung from the two identical columns. On it, were the words sirens turf. No men. In that moment I felt lucky to be a female.

When I reached the door I tried to open it. No luck. "Hey!" A voice behind yelled. I turned around and to my horror, there stood a man with a gun aimed at my face. "I wonder what that blood taste like." He said referring to the red substance covering my body. He slowly inched closer.

I turned around, terrified, and began banging on the door. "Let me in! Please! Someone let me in!" I screamed. The man was getting closer, and I knew my only shot was to defend myself. I held the knife in my hand, and prepared to fight.

As he got closer I felt myself getting dizzy. Likely due to my dehydration. My vision soon blurred and I fell, limp to the ground. I faced up to the sky and accepted my fate. I heard a single gunshot and Soon a figure towered over me. 'This is it' I thought. Then The voice spoke. "What the hell?" It said. To my surprise the voice was female. Though I couldn't see, I knew who it was. "Ba-Barbara." I managed to say. "Holy shit. I know her."

Not a really exciting chapter, but I am using it for preparation for Friday's chapter which will be based on this upcoming episode.

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