13 cuts

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I woke up to loud music. Very loud music. I winced at the pain in my ears, and opened my eyes. I saw a marbled ceiling , and realized I was in a bed. Where am I?' I thought. I looked around at my surroundings. There wasn't much. Just a bed, a dresser, and a door.

As I sat up, I remembered my wounds, and a wave of sorrow washed over me. I slowly lifted my shirt and looked down at them. To my surprise, they were stitched up and bandaged. They stung a little, but they didn't really hurt. Not like they used to anyway. The music, however gave me a continuous headache.

I was wearing a white teeshirt with pajama shorts. 'I was definitely not wearing this before' I thought to myself. My memory flashed back to the moments before I fainted. "Barbara."

I placed one foot down on the wooden floor and began walking over to the door. I was a little lightheaded, but all I felt was an overwhelming sense of sorrow. As I approached the door, the music got louder.

I assumed it was a party, which wasn't unusual for the sirens. I opened the door and the sound hit me in the face. Bright lights cut into my eyes, but they adjusted pretty soon.

I walked out of my room, and all around me people stared. They were wearing fancy dresses and suits, whereas I was wearing a teeshirt. Soon the music died down and I saw Barbara standing in the middle of the room. I was about to say something when I heard her speak.

She raised her glass and pointed it at someone I couldn't see. "To the killer of Jeremiah Valeska." She toasted. I felt myself get even more lightheaded. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I didn't really know how to feel. "He's dead?" My voice cracked. Soon all eyes were on me, including Barbara's. I wasn't sad, but I wasn't happy either. "Yeah. You're free." A new voice said.

I looked at where it came from. It was Selina. "I killed him. You're welcome." She voiced. She walked past me and winked at someone behind me. I turned around to face them. "Y/n!" Bruce yelled. I hadn't seen Bruce in ages. I embraced him in an emotionless hug. "Bruce." I said. I stepped back to look at him. Last time I had seen him was the night Jerome died. It had been some time since then.

"I thought you might be dead." Bruce said examining me. "Almost." I said, revealing my wounds. Just then I saw something flash across Bruce's eyes. It was anger. "Jeremiah did that to you?" He questioned with a pitiful tone.

I tried not to think of Jeremiah too much. It brought a sickening feeling to my stomach. But no matter how hard I tried, he would always be at the back of my mind. "Yes." I responded. After I said that Bruce's expression turned sad. "I'm sorry, i need to talk to Selina. I'm so glad to have seen you again." Bruce said, turning to go after her. I always knew he had a thing for her. And although Selina wouldn't admit it, she liked him too.

After Bruce left, Barbara walked over to me. She had a sad expression written on her face. "Are you okay?" She asked. I was surprised she cared. Barbara kean wasn't one to be empathetic. "Fine." I said. But if I was honest, there was a lingering sadness. Not because Jeremiah was dead, but because there wasn't anyway I would ever be able to change him now.

"You shouldn't stay here. Gordon's got a safe place, but it just went up In smoke. You can go to the GCPD though. He'll be there." She urged. I didn't even know detective Gordon had stayed in Gotham. "Ok." I said simply. I didn't care anymore. It was like everything I had once was gone. Jeremiah was a monster. It pained me to admit it, but it was true. "They have a medical center too. So you can get treated there. I'll have some of my girls take you."

All she did was whistle and almost instantly a group of women lined up infringe of us. They looked very intimidating, with swords and knives hanging from there hips. "Escort miss L/N to the GCPD." Barbara ordered.

Jim pov

I paced around in the GCPD. who could've blown up haven? Who would want to? 'It could've been the street demons. No, we made a deal with them. They wouldn't back out of it.' I continued going through possible suspects in my head. I thought Gotham was screwed up before Jeremiah isolated it. Now it was even worse.

My attention fell on the Harvey's voice, coming from behind me. "Jim! You're not gonna believe who's here." He Yelled. I thought it was something bad, but my eyes lit up at the small frightened figure standing at the door of the department. It was y/n. She looked frightened of the women around her.

I was confused why she was surrounded by Barbara's guards. "Mr Gordon." One of them said. "Baraba kean sent us to bring her here. She needs medical attention." The woman said coldly. My eyes fell on y/n. Her cheeks were stained with tear streaks. She looked like she had given up on everything. I noticed her holding her stomach. "Ok. Can I get a doctor out here?!" I yelled, motioning for some of the cops to take her to the medical wing. She looked like she was about to faint. I decided to wait on interviewing her.

Y/n pov

They cops took Me to a room lined with hospital beds. "You can lay here ma'am." One of them said motioning towards the bed. The cops left as I crawled into the bed, and let tears fall from my eyes. I didn't even know why I was crying. For Everything I guess. I felt like nothing mattered anymore.

A few minutes passed before a doctor came in. It was a women, she looked like she was in her fifties maybe. "Hello. I'm doctor Jameson." She greeted. "I need to examine you. Is that ok?" She asked. She was kind. I let her analyze me. She checked my body for wounds before coming to my stomach. Her eyes widened when she saw the wounds. "Oh how did this happen?" She asked. I assumed she knew I had been imprisoned by Jeremiah. I gave her a look. "Oh." She said in response.

Jim pov

I came to the medical room to interview y/n. As I was headed into the room, I noticed a group of doctors talking. One of them walked up to me. "Hi detective. I'm dr Marshall. I'm the therapist here. I would advise you to wait until tomorrow to interview the victim." He said. The women behind him continued chattering about something. "Why? Is she ok?" I asked. I looked over at y/n. She was curled up in her bed, facing the wall. Although she was under the blankets, she was still shivering.

"Physically, yes. But she's in a fragile mental state right now." The doctor replied. He spoke slowly, as if he was worried. I gave him a confused look. "She was tortured." He said. My eyes widened. "She told us it lasted about an hour." He continued. I couldn't believe What he was saying. I knew Jeremiah was bad, but I thought he cared for y/n. "He made 13 cuts into her abdomen. Each one was excruciatingly deep." The doctors said.

Y/n pov

I laid in the bed, wondering what this was all for. I heard the door open, but stayed still. I didn't care who it was. I heard the dr Marshall speaking, to who I assumed was detective Gordon. Though they didn't know it, I could here what they were saying. The doctor was urging him to come back tomorrow. In response, I closed my eyes as the doctor described my wounds. 

I couldn't stay here and listen to this. 'I'm getting out of here' I thought.

Ok so anyone who watches Gotham knows that Jeremiah isn't dead. So don't hate me.

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