Date with destiny

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Soon we heard a bell ring. "Ah, dinner must be ready. Bruce go on and make your way to the kitchen. Me and y/n will be there shortly." Jeremiah ordered, smiling crazily. Bruce gave me a concerned look. "I'll be fine." I assured him, though I didn't know if I actually would. He nodded and reluctantly left the room.

After Bruce was gone, Jeremiah walked to the front of my chair, and kneeled down until we were leveled with each other. "Tell me, have your wounds healed?" He asked. I took a deep breath, and said nothing. I didn't want to anger him anymore than I had. I blinked twice as tears filled my eyes.

Jeremiah noticed. "Well, that's fine, don't tell me. I'll check." He whispered, as he began lifting my shirt. I took in choppy breaths as I felt the cool air brush my abdomen. "I take it you went to the GCPD?" He questioned. "The wounds look well-kept."

"Well, that's good for you. But we must hurry. we don't want to be late for dinner."

Bruce pov

I sat down next to the woman that looked like my mother. She had a smile plastered on her face. "I'm sorry." I said to her. she didn't reply. She just smiled. I didn't need to apologize, but I knew the day would end with her dead. She didn't deserve this. She was innocent.

After a few minutes of silence, y/n appeared in the doorway. I stood up. "Are you okay? Did he hurt you?" I asked. Soon Jeremiah appeared behind her. He placed both hands on her shoulder. She flinched in response. "Come, sit down dear." He urged. He pulled out a seat for her, right across from me. We made unsteady eye contact as she took her seat.

Jeremiah sat next to me, a smile decorating his face. "Alfred told me such great tidbits about your child hood. How you used to eat here, in the kitchen, when it was just you and the family."

"Jeremiah." Y/n warned. He slammed the table with his fist. "Y/n! I'm trying to have a conversation, with our dear friend." Jeremiah yelled. Alfred walked in moments later. "Grilled cheese and Branston pickle sandwich, mr Jeremiah. My influence though, Thomas did add a dash of aioli for extra flare." Alfred presented.

Y/n pov

I watched in horror as Jeremiah erupted into laughter. After realizing Bruce wasn't amused, he stopped. "Come one Bruce, that's a weird favorite food for a twelve-year old."

After Bruce didn't respond, His eyes fell on me, and then returned to Bruce. "Isn't she beautiful? You should see her in bed, Bruce." He joked. I felt my face go red. Jeremiah laughed at this. How dare he mention that night to me? How dare he remind me that the love of my life was gone. I don't know what I was thinking, but right as a flame of anger made itself known, I grabbed the fork next to my plate and rammed it into Jeremiah's hand. His eyes grew wide with a mix of pain and anger.

He let out a cry of agony, before ripping it out. Blood seeped out of the wound, and saturated the table cloth. To my surprise, he stood up and walked to my side of the table. His footsteps were hard and loud, and I could tell he was angry.

Quickly, he grabbed my arm, and pulled me from my seat. I let out a yelp, just because of the unexpectedness of it. "Jeremiah stop!" Bruce yelled, standing up. "Bruce. Leave us be, or I slit her throat." Jeremiah warned. He led me to the room I had been in previously, a harsh grip wrapped around my upper-arm.

As we entered the other room, he did something unexpected. Instead of hurting me, which I had expected, he sat me back in the chair in front of the fireplace, and tied me up again. This time the ropes were tighter, which I assumed was on purpose.

My eyes grew wide when he pulled out a revolver. The same one I had used in my test of faith. "Remember this?" He questioned. I nodded in reply. "Good. We're gonna have some fun." He uttered. After emptying all the bullets, he put a single one back in. "You know how this works."

I expected him to hand it to me, but instead he aimed it at me. "Same rules, except I know where the bullet is. So if you die, it's because I killed you. If you don't, it's because I let you live." He said, placing one finger on the trigger. Tension rose as he pulled it. My eyes closed. *CLICK*

Nothing happened. I let out a sigh of relief. "How big of you." I teased. He wasn't amused. "Oh, we're not done yet." He hissed. "CLICK*

Still nothing. "CLICK* nothing. "Jeremiah. Stop."

*CLICK* I flinched in fear.

That was the fourth one. So the next one had the bullet inside. But Jeremiah didn't lower the gun. "Jeremiah." I breathed out. "Shh." He shushed. I watched in horror as his finger moved back to the trigger. I closed my eyes as a loud bang ensued. I felt a sharp pain, but not like a bullet wound. I scanned my body. Nothing lethal. My eyes moved to my arm, where a scrape lined the side of it. He had shot just close enough to hurt me, but far enough to keep me alive.

"Let this be a reminder that your life is in my hands." He growled. And then he left. He just left me there terrified, tied up, and confused.

Bruce pov

I waited eagerly, for someone to come back. Jeremiah or hopefully y/n. Then to my horror, I heard a bang. A loud bang. "Y/n!" I yelled. Nothing.

Soon Jeremiah came back, a wild grin spread across his face. "What did you do?!" I demanded. He couldn't have killed her. "You'll see." He said, taking his seat. "In time."

Y/n pov

I sat in that room for a few minutes. I heard Jeremiah yell something, but didn't think much of it until he ran out of the room. I saw him in the doorway "I'm sorry to cut tonight short, but your parents and I have a very important date." He began. "with destiny. You might want to find your faithful butler and leave. Quickly." He said.

He turned my way and smiled wildly. The bomb he revealed earlier began beeping rapidly. He walked over to my chair and began untying my binds. "You are coming with me."

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