a little deeper

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Y/n pov

I woke up on the cold hard concrete floor of some building. As I stood up, a flood of nausea filled my body. I grabbed the wall for support. Memories raced through my head. Gotham.. bridges.. oh god. I remembered, as a million thoughts poured into my head.

It took me a while, but I soon realized I wasn't alone. Surrounding me were about twenty people working on some tunnel. They looked like construction workers. And then I saw him. Standing by the entrance to the tunnel was Jeremiah Valeska.

I gasped in fear, and soon realized I was shackled to the wall by my ankles. "Wha-what?" I said. I looked back at him. A chilling smile stretched across his face. "Darling, you're awake. You've been in and out of consciousness for weeks. Tell me, do you remember anything?" He asked. Weeks? I had been unconscious for weeks?

"Wh-what day is i-it?" I asked. I pulled on my shackles, but they didn't budge. I began to pull harder, and still nothing. Eventually I started to hyperventilate. "Let me out. Let me out!" I yelled. He slowly walked to my side. He grabbed my shoulder, causing me to flinch. "Now, now, dearest. You can't break yet. Dig a little deeper." He whispered in my ear.

"Jeremiah?" I said, my hand reaching up to touch his face. He grabbed it before it did and pushed me to the floor with a grunt. "No, no. None of that." He gritted out. I whimpered on the floor, terrified of what he would do next. I covered my head, as he raised his hand up to strike another blow. But before he could another worker tapped him on the shoulder.

I didn't hear anything, but the last part. "We wont be able to do it!" The man yelled. I gasped as Jeremiah slashed a knife across the mans throat. The man reached up to grab his neck, as blood poured from it. Then he fell beside me. His lifeless eyes stared into mine. "Well, not with that attitude you won't."

"We all need to reach inside... and dig a little deeper, shall we?" Jeremiah said. He turned back to me and was going to hit before once again being interrupted by another person. My eyes widened. It was Ecco. But she looked so different. "Ecco?" I questioned.

"Oh me-o my-o. Y/n? I had bets that you were... dead. Glad you're not deary." She voiced. I was talking to Ecco, but she was so different. She had on bizarre makeup, and the pitch of her voice was raised. The clothes she wore were black and red. Nothing like I was used to.

Jeremiah got annoyed by the sight of her. She seemed like a nuisance to him. "Are these all the recruits?" He asked. His face had changed from deranged, to stone cold in a matter of seconds. "I thought you would want quality over quantity. Not everyone can pass the thirty eight caliber test of faith." She spoke.

She seemed a little nervous. Last time I had seen her she was terrified of Jeremiah. Now she seemed similar to him. Suddenly Jeremiah grabbed her by the neck. "No!" I yelled, but he ignored me. "Yes" he said. "You certainly have set a very high bar for these new recruits." He pulled her close and began dancing with her. Test of faith? I really didn't understand anything that was going on. I didn't really know if I wanted to.

He didn't seem Into her, but I could tell she was obsessed with him. "Oh. Almost forgot." She said as they continued dancing. "Bruce Wayne and his little sidekicks curls- or is he the sidekick- anyway, they tried to infiltrate our little operation here. Oh. And curls can walk. Really well. Especially for a paraplegic." She continued. I didn't know who curls was until she said something about walking. I remember Jeremiah had shot Selina, and it paralyzed her. I thought she was dead, but she was alive, and apparently walking. This raised my spirit a little bit. "And she wants to kill you.... a lot. FYI." Ecco told Jeremiah.

Jeremiah and her continued dancing. It seemed like she was just a means of information for him. I felt bad for her, as I figured he would kill her eventually. "If I see her, I'll give you a shout. And kill her." Ecco said, as she stood up and walked out. Some of the workers followed her, as she left.

To my surprise Jeremiah continued ignoring me. He turned Around and began talking to himself. It was so weird. He was having a conversation.... with himself. "Jeremiah. Are you okay?" I asked. I was genuinely concerned. Even though I hated him, I knew things would only get worse if he went mad. I expected him to answer, but instead he just grabbed a shovel, and chucked in my direction.

Luckily I managed to dodge the incoming tool, but everyone paused, which only seemed to add to his anger. "Keep... going!" He screamed. He rushed over to me, and I backed up in fear of what he would do. But instead of hurting me, he pushed my hair out of my face and brought it close. "Darling.." he began. "I almost forgot.... We need to test your faith."

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