Ace chemicals.

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Bruce pov

"Jeremiah! You don't have to do this." I cried. Jeremiah stood there, gun In hand, slowly approaching the lookalikes. "But I... I do. You see I came to this realization." He began. "I realized that no matter what I did to bond us, some random gunman in an alley would be the one you were tied to the most."

Y/n pov

I arrived at the entrance to the alley where Bruce's parents were killed. I could see figures standing there, but I had to get closer to see what was going on.

I slowly made my way towards them, taking light steps, so as to not make any noise. I stopped in my tracks when I saw what was happening. I was looking at Jim Gordon and Lee Thompkins, dressed like the lookalikes were. Jeremiah must've replaced them. They were facing away from Bruce and I figured he didn't know who they were yet.

I stared at the back of Jeremiah, as he continued talking to who I assumed was Bruce. I had to stop him.

I looked around. There was a fire escape ladder hanging down from one of the buildings. I made my way towards it. As I was headed there I heard Jeremiah talking. "Oh you're confused. You're wondering if I already killed them, who's this lovely couple? Thomas, Martha, oh why don't you turn around." Jeremiah said as he pressed a button that turned on two spotlights. Crap. The spotlights shined directly towards me.

I quickly dove behind a trashcan, to avoid being noticed. I heard Bruce talking and Jeremiah laughing, but I couldn't make out what they were saying. The fire escape was right next to me now. I grabbed it and began climbing up.

As I ascended up, my hand slipped, leaving me dangling from the ladder. I held my breath, praying that I wasn't noticed. Luckily I caught myself with one hand, and re-gripped the bars. I pulled myself up until I reached the The balcony of what I assumed was an apartment building.

I crawled until I was as close as possible to where Jeremiah was standing. As I settled in, I heard music. I looked over to see A truck approaching the entrance of the alley. In it, there were at least fifty fireworks.

Ecco exited the drivers seat, in a dramatic fashion. Of course she's here.

"As you see, reunification with the mainland hangs on by a thread. Those fireworks go off, toxic chemicals rain down on the city, and the government cuts us a drift for good." Jeremiah said. So the fireworks contained chemicals?

"Jeremiah. Don't." Bruce urged, only to be hushed by Jeremiah. "The piã de rÃcsistance." Jeremiah quoted. He walked over to lee and pointed his gun at the pearls around her neck. "One last thing. I had Jervis Tetch hypnotize them so that they wake up the minute these lovely pearls hit the ground."

Then he turned back to Bruce. "I want you to see them realize what I've done to them as the life drains from their bodies." He hissed. Suddenly he backed up and aimed the gun at them. "Never forget, this is all for you Bruce." He declared. Immediately I Dove from the balcony in his direction.

My arms wrapped around his waist. As soon as my knees hit the ground, he was slammed into the floor. I felt my head crash into the ground, as Blood dripped down the side of my face. I looked over to my side and saw Jeremiah scrambling to his feet. 
"Y/n! The pearls!" Bruce yelled.

Quickly, I rushed to my feet, and limped to where lee was. I grabbed the pearls and ripped them down. They scattered all over the ground. Jim and lee regained their lucidity. Jim noticed me before anything else. "Y/n? What's going on?" I was about to answer, but stopped when I heard Jeremiah's voice.

"Ecco! Now!" He yelled, as he ran towards her. I then noticed the device in her hands, which I assumed was linked to the fireworks.

My eyes fell on Bruce running towards Jeremiah, "Bruce! No!" I cried, but he continued on. I began after him, but jim grabbed my arm. "Y/n, don't." He insisted. "Sorry Jim, don't be mad." I said as I punched him in the nose. Lee shot me a judging look. "Yeah. Sorry." I pled, and dashed after Bruce.

I almost didn't see him go into ace chemicals, but I caught up to him just in time. I was at least a hundred meters from the entrance, but the stench of toxins made itself deadly aware.

As I approached the entrance, I got a sick feeling in my stomach. This is crazy y/n. Bruce can handle himself. I thought to myself.

I quickly hushed the doubts in my head and continued on. I struggled to navigate my way around the tanks of chemicals but soon reached a pair of stairs. "Bruce?!" I cried out. I prayed he was okay.

As I ascended up the stairs, I saw Bruce and Jeremiah engaged in a fight directly above the tanks. Oh god.

I ran towards where they were, in an attempt to aid Bruce. Jeremiah had him pinned against the railing. "You need me! I'm the answer to your life's question! Without me you're just a joke.... without a punchline!!" Jeremiah yelled. Bruce looked shocked at his sudden outburst.

Suddenly the railing broke and the only thing keeping him from from falling into the pits bellow was Jeremiah, holding his shirt. "Why not let you go? Those chemicals might not kill you. They could set you free." Jeremiah said to him. I approached him slowly. "Jeremiah!" I cried. "Stop!"

"Oh isn't this grand. Welcome y/n. You can join him." He said, loosening his grip on Bruce. I dove towards them. It was risky, but I grabbed Bruce's shirt and pulled him back to safety. Jeremiah couldn't react before I pushed him. Oh my god.

I pushed him

I watched as Jeremiah lost his balance and descended down towards the toxins. I had won. I had killed him. I thought I was victorious, until I felt a hand grip around my arm. I looked down at it and felt my body weight being pulled down. It all felt like slow motion. The love of my life would be the end of my life. The last thing I saw was Jeremiah's smile, as I plummeted into the chemical vat.

My body crashed hard into the liquid. The chemicals seeped into my eyes. They burned as I opened them. I could only make out the outline of Jeremiah's body through the opaque chemicals. My skin felt like it was on fire. I thrashed around, desperately trying to reach the surface, and maybe get out of this pit. I stopped when I realized I wasn't going anywhere.

The chemicals were so dense, they were almost heavy. My lungs burned from the lack of oxygen. I gave up and let my body sink deeper into the green pit, as my consciousness faded.

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