Bring it

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Jeremiah led me outside to a car. As we approached it he paused. "Tell me, how is our dear friend Bruce? Has he recovered from our last encounter?" He asked. I always found his obsession with bruce to be repulsive. It was clear time had not changed my perspective.

"He's well. Still recovering from your shenanigans at Wayne manor." I answered. His eyes lit up as I spoke. "Can you return my dear y/n to me now?" He requested. My heart rate increased and I felt my throat close up. "You sure that's a good idea?" I urged, trying to make him reconsider.

"I'm sure." He responded harshly. I almost jumped at the sudden change in his tone. "Very well."

I was going to have to put my high school theatre classes to good use now. I took a deep breath. What do I do? I asked Morgan.

Let me take control. No need to turn yourself into a liar. Wouldn't want to damage that perfect reputation you have going.

I wasn't thrilled with this plan, but I guess I would have to oblige. Fine.

It didn't take much. All I had to do was stop resisting and Morgan took care of everything else.

Morgan pov

I felt y/n stop resisting me. That was the green light. Pushing myself to the surface of y/n's conscious was no easy task. But nothing I couldn't handle. As I felt her body crash to the ground, I knew I would see the light of day soon.

Although a slight headache ensued, I felt amazing. Better than ever. My eyes flicked open, to reveal a grinning Jeremiah valeska standing over me. I had to pretend to be y/n now. Which was annoying in itself.

"Ah, The marks are returning. What a coincidence." Jeremiah hissed. Shit I forgot about the marks.

Just play it cool.

I tried to think what y/n would do. She's a weak, fragile, jumpy bunny rabbit. So she'd probably start screaming at the sight of mr valeska here.

Gee thanks.

So I did just that. I just started screaming and scooting back, like the victim of some hostage situation. I felt pity for my own self.

A sinister laugh escaped Jeremiah's lips. I have to admit the laugh made me shiver. "Where am I? What did you do to me?" I began to question.

Suddenly Jeremiah grabbed my arm just above my elbow and pulled me into the car. Phew, I thought he was gonna ask about the marks.

Once we were in the car Jeremiah sat himself in the drivers seat. He looked over to me, smiled, and then turned back to the road. "Let's get going, shall we?"

I pressed my body against the door, as far away from him as possible, figuring it was something y/n would do.

I think you're selling it.

Yeah, no shit. Why do you think he hasn't killed us?

Let me take over.

Why would I do that?

So he doesn't get suspicious of the marks dumbass

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