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Through Chaos & Harmony • Bruce Wayne x Reader x Jerome/Jeremiah Valeska by ciphxr
Through Chaos & Harmony • Bruce OCEAN BLUE
Your life as Bruce Wayne's girlfriend was pretty simple, actually. Well, as simple as things can get in Gotham. But it gets a lot more complicated when you meet Jeremiah...
Obssesed || Jerome Valeska x reader || ⚠️Smut⚠️ by LoyalWeeb
Obssesed || Jerome Valeska x Loyal Weeb
This Story is about y/n l/n and Jerome Valeska who murderud his own mother. Jerome met y/n when they where small and felt a bound between the two of them. This will foll...
Outbreak | J.V by j--valeska
Outbreak | J.Vby ☺
After meeting, Jerome grows an interest in Zoë despite his future plans.
Rapunzel <J. Valeska> by Gingy484
Rapunzel by Gingy
"What's the matter gorgeous? Cat got your tongue?" So, after the breakout, Jerome found a mysterious blond girl on the street and decided he wanted to keep her...
The Final PUNCHline (Jerome Valeska x Reader) by TheresAReasonForThis
The Final PUNCHline (Jerome Aislin McKaelen
You find a lonely circus boy in your summertime travels, but as the years of friendship and romance drag on, you find out more about this mysterious circus boy and you f...
Gotham- Character Scenarios & One Shots      (Where being a Badass is Sexy) by Kiriant
Gotham- Character Scenarios & Kiriant
In Gotham being bad is good, as the Reader finds herself in a manner of situations from being the head honcho at Arkham Asylum to being a Rookie cop fresh out of the aca...
Gotham oneshots by gbow1999
Gotham oneshotsby Gbow1999
Stories about our favorite tv show
Crazy for You - Valeska Brothers x Female OC (Gotham) by gothamfanfics
Crazy for You - Valeska Brothers gothamfanfics
Jerome Valeska was crazy. There was no doubt about it. Sick, sadistic, evil. But, he wasn't always like it. "You're crazy," Sam whimpers, trying to push hersel...
Darlin Jerome Valeska X reader by YaBoiSawyer
Darlin Jerome Valeska X readerby YaBoiSawyer
You grew up in the circus just the Valeska twins, but when Jeremiah left you saw the true crazy in Jerome come out, and you loved it. Maybe a little too much.
Innocence || Gotham by callmebyyourmango
Innocence || Gothamby y u h
"I'm not some fucking psycho. I'm not crazy, I'm not demented, I simply lost control of my emotions." "You're really in denial, aren't ya?" Insanity...
His Princess by Impulse333
His Princessby Cami Alise
Ariel Galavan is Theo Galavan's pride and joy. He'll do anything for her and She'll do anything she's told. She was trained by her aunt Tabitha to be a ruthless killer b...
Gotham Gazette // J.V by mikaylapast
Gotham Gazette // J.Vby mikaylapast
"Love your hair gorgeous..." Katerina Ferdine's dad had asked her to do one simple task. Bring his...
See You Soon Doll by creative_xoxo
See You Soon Dollby Sarah
Imagine you are a cheerleader riding on a bus to a football game when the Maniax attacks it. --- This is a Jerome X Reader Fanfic. You may have also seen this story on...
Riddles on Napkins // E.Nygma by mikaylapast
Riddles on Napkins // E.Nygmaby mikaylapast
"From riddles on napkins to kisses on the cheek, my-my Edward how far you've come." Alice Morelle wasn't the brightest flower in the bunch, that being th...
Headlines(Jerome Valeska) by noxhance
Headlines(Jerome Valeska)by BadKarma
After years of abuse Sage Stoke finally manages to take vengeance on her father by burning her childhood home to the ground. Thrown into Arkham she is left vulnerable an...
Broken Trust ☇ Jerome Valeska (#Wattys2016) by siriuslymalfoy_
Broken Trust ☇ Jerome Valeska ( bodhi andor.
Wrong place at the wrong time. I trusted the wrong people and my life takes a turn. Maybe I deserved this pain. Maybe I deserved this hate for being different. *DISCLA...
Love you, ALWAYS. by CaptainKaitiebearll
Love you, CaptainKaitiebear lʕ•ᴥ•ʔl
Growing up in a circus, it's hard to live a normal life. Amber is no normal girl though. At age 16, she is the best acrobat in the circus. Her bestfriend Jerome, who hel...
Psychotic Ex-Boyfriend (Jerome Valeska x Reader) by churros_liz
Psychotic Ex-Boyfriend (Jerome ♢ Liz ♢
You thought you knew everything about Jerome Valeska. He was your best friend. He was your boyfriend. You loved him. But seeing him transition to the insane, psychotic v...
His Flower by sarahp5221
His Flowerby Sarah
An introvert artistic girl gets wrapped up in the mess of a psychotic inmate
legendary lovers // jeremiah valeska by arkhxm-prisoner
legendary lovers // jeremiah vivian
The oncoming storm, cold, ruthless and merciness Jeremiah Valeska felt the warmth of having a person to take care of like a family in his heart for the first time in his...