The big day

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Y/n pov

I had been sitting in this room for hours, before I heard someone enter. It was Ecco. She stood in front of me with a stern glare. "What?" I asked. I hadn't done anything. I hadn't had the ability. "You know what." She said. Her tone sounded hurt. "I really don't." I replied, annoyed at whatever this was.

"You're taking him from me. He's obviously infatuated with you! Not me!" She cried. I couldn't tell if I felt annoyed or felt pity for her. "He? Who's he?" I asked. "Jeremiah!" She yelled, taking a few steps closer.

I immediately broke into laughter. The thought of Jeremiah being "infatuated" with anyone was hilarious. Was I the only one who knew he was a total sociopath? "Oh you think this is funny?" She said. In an instant, she pulled out a knife and began walking closer. "Ec-Ecco." I uttered.

Soon she was right in front of my face. But instead of stabbing me, she walked around my chair until she was behind me.

I thought she was going to slit my throat. That was her style. But she cut my binds. My hands were free from the chair, and now I could stand up. It had been a while since I had been on my feet, so i was a little wobbly at first.

It took me some time, but I soon regained my balance. "What is this?" I questioned. I didn't think she was just gonna let me go. That wasn't her style. "We're settling this." She hissed.

I quickly realized this wasn't going to be a peaceful interaction. 'She'll make the first move. She always does.' I thought to myself. One thing I knew, I wasn't losing this fight. She attempted a sloppy kick at my side, which I dodged, but out of no where she brought her fist into my ribs.

I stumbled back, and recovered my breath. "Ok. Wasn't expecting that." I said, struggling to get the words out.

I studied her form. She was guarding her nose and cheeks, but leaving her abdomen completely exposed. Our eyes met for just a second before I struck a low uppercut right below her belly button, forcing a breath from her mouth that I felt brush my ear.

As she gasped I kicked her legs from under her, sending her to the ground. As her body met the floor, a large cloud of dust rose up. I pulled my foot back and sent it into her ribs as hard as I could.

The old me would've disapproved of my kicking someone when they're down. I kicked her again, this time hitting her face. Blood sprung from her face and decorated the wooden floors. "You wanted a fight. There you go." I hissed. I had clearly won.

I thought this was a good time to leave, as Jeremiah would be back soon. I headed to the nearest door only to have it open before I got there, revealing a stern-faced Jeremiah.

He examined me, and then Ecco, who was still whimpering on the floor. I turned to look at her again. When I looked back at Jeremiah, he pushed a syringe into my chest. It let out a ferocious sting as my vision turned foggy. 'Worth a shot I guess.' I thought to myself.

Barbara pov

I was quite surprised when Jim barged into my club. "Well well. And here I thought the high and mighty James Gordon didn't have time for criminals like me." I said, pouring myself a drink.

"I need your help Barbara. Those men that came in to provide relief? They aren't government. And they want to kill me, so I need a place to stay. At least until things die down." He explained.

I didn't care about those government goons, but this was a good opportunity. If I did this for Jim, he would help me find y/n. "Deal. But you have to help me find the girl." I offered. "Y/n? I've sent officers out, but no one can find her." He continued. "Well. She came here, and everything was good. Then one day she just up and vanishes." I said. "Ok, ok. I'll help you."

Y/n pov

I woke up, once again tied to a chair. Beside me was who I assumed was mr pennyworth. He had a bag on his head. Soon a hand reached out and pulled it off. Mr pennyworth saw me, and then his eyes fell on Jeremiah, who was sitting across from him.

A confused look crossed his face. "You? You're supposed to be dead mate." He said with his accent. I could tell he wasn't afraid. More angry if anything.

"Sorry to disappoint." Jeremiah replied, placing the bag down next to him. The butler's face soon turned stern. "You hurt my boy, and I will bite.. your.. face off." He hissed. I had to admire his bravery. Even if it was naive. In response Jeremiah let out a horrifying laugh. My body shivered at the sound of it.

Jeremiah could tell mr pennyworth wasn't in the mood for games. "Ah, Bruce will be along shortly. In the meantime... This place is in desperate need of some good old fashioned Butler-ing." Jeremiah taunted. He brushed his finger across the table next to him, creating a line through the dust.

"How'd you find your way off the bloody island anyway?" Alfred asked. Jeremiah lifted his eyes to meet Alfred's "One if by land, two if by sea, three if by digging a tunnel under the river!" Jeremiah responded. "But, enough questions. Today's the big day." He said leaning in.

So the ace chemicals episode is the day after tomorrow, so I'm planning to separate that into a few chapters. After all the Jeremiah scenes are through for the season, I will probably create my own storyline. And for those of you asking if y/n will turn into Harley Quinn, she most likely won't.

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