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My Reincarnation as a Vampire! by FeanorBlu
My Reincarnation as a Vampire!by Feanor
After an unfortunate death, Agapi finds himself reborn in another world. This time though, he's a vampire! Vampires in this world are hated, and because of it, life is a...
  • fighting
  • abilities
  • fantasy
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Little Sharpshooter by KDKinney
Little Sharpshooterby KDKinney
Sixteen-year-old Randy has been playing games with her pa for as long as she can remember. When shots are fired while she's tending her ill-tempered horse one morning, t...
  • action-adventure
  • western
  • horselove
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Assassin by Tencutepuppies
Assassinby 𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖊𝖑
B O O K O N E Delphinium Tesla is anything but the normal eighteen year old girl she pretends to be. Scarred with a horrific past, with the gift of telekinesis at her f...
  • criminal
  • friendship
  • action-adventure
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Weres by _Manjari
Weresby Manjari
"I won't mind ripping out any guy's heart who so much as look at you in a more than friendly way. You are mine." He turned his head towards her and Marley coul...
  • cutelove
  • love
  • romance
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She's With Us by Articiali
She's With Usby Do Not Microwave
Y'all I suck at descriptions And the first chapters of this story suck because I wanted to do something but then I changed the plot and I'm too lazy to go back and fix...
  • funny
  • action-adventure
  • humor
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The Guardians by bigsisfarmer
The Guardiansby TryingToWriteAndNotFail
"When warriors are killed." "When the Guardians are trapped." "When all seems lost." "The Great Dragon will roar in triumph, but not f...
  • ownstory
  • fictionalcharacters
  • fiction
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Sold To The Gang Leader by Aysharafael
Sold To The Gang Leaderby Aysharafael
This is the first book of the G.A.N.G series SEQUEL OUT!!! It's on my sisters account @EridnaR26 ___________________________________________ "YOU DON'T FUCKING OWE...
  • hopeyouenjoy
  • relationship
  • action
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Hot stories ...  by itshotime
Hot stories ... by ITS HOT Time
this is for all the small hot stories and fun .. experience related to sex ...
  • action-thriller
  • sexism
  • action-adventure
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You Thought Wrong (Un-edited And Still In Progress) by denaytheepic
You Thought Wrong (Un-edited And Denay Kallus
On hiatus until further notice Best rankings: #1 in Ninetails as of June 25th 2018 #1 in tailed beasts as of June 25th 2018 #1 in Narutonamikaze as of July 6th 2018 #1 i...
  • action-adventure
  • abused
  • anime
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Son of Winter - All the King's Men by dear_wormwood
Son of Winter - All the King's Menby dear_wormwood
The continent of Hrimmhail. To the north lies the dwarven snow-covered wasteland, dotted with tribal humans, all vying for technology from the grand fortress. Further so...
  • magicalrealism
  • supernatural
  • paranormal
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Lilth Drakes and the Midnight Charm by JeromeAllsop1
Lilth Drakes and the Midnight Charmby Jerome Allsop
In the aftermath of the devastating Black War, the most powerful weapon in the land of Uun was lost. Now one year later it has resurfaced and fallen into the hands of Li...
  • fiction
  • adventure
  • action-adventure
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Code Black by Xin-Yang
Code Blackby Xin-Yang
"Five ability wielders are more than enough to handle. The fact that there could be a lot of them out there alarmed me. "
  • fantasy
  • amber
  • ot12
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Storiess I guess by SnapetheGrape
Storiess I guessby SociallyInept
This is probably going to be a book that has stuff that I wrote with writing prompts, or even fan fictions ideas from many different things. so be prepared if you are go...
  • action-adventure
  • action
  • adventure
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Katara x male reader A Duo's destiny ATLA  by Poprocks0428
Katara x male reader A Duo's Poprocks
Y/N grew up in the South Pole as long he can remember. alongside his two best friends Katara and Sokka During the 100 year war Y/N lost someone close to him during the...
  • sokka
  • malereader
  • aang
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depths of WINTER (Branded for Life series) by optimistic_tears
depths of WINTER (Branded for Andra Kinsley
Him "You are bred to be an Alpha King." Those words whispered to him while growing in her mother's womb. A baby born with one and only purpose. But when a fema...
  • romance
  • action-adventure
  • series
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Agent Rogue by Caitlin_Lucy
Agent Rogueby Caitlin Cross
The best agents are the ones who don't question orders. They lack their own morals and trust their directors in the same way a dog trusts its master. Amber Knight is one...
  • action
  • london
  • action-adventure
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Hacker by yodapumpkin
Hackerby Sam
Veronica is a computer genius, who doesn't always obey the rules. When she gets thrown out on to the abandoned streets of what used to be America, she meets Sebastian, w...
  • secrets
  • sciencefiction
  • betrayal
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Parallel Vol. 4 by Renoe_K
Parallel Vol. 4by Renoe Kisaragi
Still reeling from the Adjudicators' punishment, Kashi turns his attention to the promised appointment at a certain mountaintop. What awaits him atop the mountain? And w...
  • wattys2018
  • game
  • vrmmo
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Another Dimension {Sonic x Reader} •COMPLETED• by Izu_Midoriya
Another Dimension {Sonic x Reader} 💚D̴e̴k̴u̴💚
You were living a normal, teenaged life when one day, a villain from another dimension blew up your school, kidnapping you. After blacking out, you woke up realizing tha...
  • romance
  • sonicx
  • chris
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Scorned by _CherryQueen_
Scornedby Cherry Queen™
Beaten. Banished. Scorned. Broken? They wish. Valentina Stone is the daughter of a wealthy duchess, raised to be prim, proper and the perfect image of a lady. She has n...
  • fantasy
  • adventure
  • strength
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