One bad day pt 2

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After pressing the button the whole room went up in flames. Followers banged on the door, as they screamed in agony. Soon the screams stopped, and there was silence.

"Well. That is disappointing." He said calmly as he turned and faced me. It's was eerie how collected he could remain after burning twenty people alive.

"You're a monster." I said. His eyes looked down on my hunched figure. He kneeled down to my level, and whispered in my ear. "Predator or prey. I made my choice. Soon you will understand." He said, standing up.

He grabbed my arm, and lifted me to my feet. We began to walk, and pulled me along with him "You failed Jeremiah." I said. We stopped walking. He gave me a stare that sent shivers up my spine. out of no where he slammed me into the wall, and grabbed my throat. His grip tightened, and I could barely breathe.

I scratched at his hands, and punched his chest, but his grip remained. "Jer-je-Jeremiah.... you're hur-hurting me." I choked out "Oh believe me, we're not done yet." He hissed out, and removed his hand. I fell to the floor, and gasped for air. He pulled me back to my feet and dragged me out of the bunker.

Once we were outside of the bunker, he shoved me back in the limo, and gave the driver an address. "Drive." He demanded. Jeremiah sat me across from him like he had before. "Relax, I'm not going to hurt you. Not until we arrive at our destination." He said. My stomach turned at the thought of the former love of my life hurting me. I missed my Jeremiah so much.

When we arrived, Jeremiah came and opened my door again. I didn't resists this time. I looked up and saw a building. It looked like a theatre, and was pretty isolated.

Jeremiah led me by the arm towards the door, but stopped after a few steps. My eyes widened when he pulled out a gun. He aimed it in my direction and fired. In response I closed my eyes expecting to feel a bullet ripping through my abdomen, but it never came.

I opened by eyes after a few seconds, and looked around my body. No wounds, or blood, but for some reason Jeremiah was smiling wildly. I turned around and looked behind me. The drivers seat window was shattered, and laying lifeless inside the car was our driver. A red gaping hole left in his head.

"Why did you have to do that?!" I yelled. His smile faded to a stern scowl. "I do what I want. You have no say." He said grabbing my arm again.

He led me inside the theatre. As we walked in I could hear rats crawling away from our footsteps. I hate rats. I thought to myself. Jeremiah led me to the center of the room. I didn't know what he was going to do.

He had told me earlier he was going to hurt me. I didn't doubt it either. I could tell nothing remained of my old Jeremiah. Despite my concerns all he did was pull up a chair and sit me down.

"Hey!" I yelled. I expected him to yell at me for resisting or point his gun at me again, but to my shock, he slapped me. "Listen to me y/n. You mean nothing to me. I won't hesitate to harm you."

I reached up to touch where he slapped, and I could swear I saw a flash of regret in his eyes. He looked away and tied my hands behind the back of the chair. "Now, now... Don't misbehave." He whispered in a snake like tone.

After a few minutes of silence, Jeremiah began talking to himself. "Think, think, think, think. How did they beat you huh? How did they figure you out?" He said to himself.

I couldn't see what he was looking at. It was some map that he had spread out on a desk in the middle of the room. "Gordon must've stolen the blueprints to the maze, found one of the bombs and sabotaged the sequence..... hm. I'll have to start again." He said and continued observing the map.

Just then a new voice rang out. "You're tenacious..... I like that." The voice was male, and rusty. Jeremiah quickly pulled out his gun and aimed towards the direction of the sound. "Who are you? What do you want?" He said in a snake like voice. His face flashed with anger as he spoke. He didn't even know this man.

"I had a vision... of Gotham in flames. Together we can make that happen." The man continued, not answering Jeremiah's question. "I appreciate the offer.... but.... recent events have convinced me of the benefits of working alone." He said. I jumped at the sound of him firing three rounds into the man.

I could've sworn he was dead, but the voice reappeared in a new place. "Don't Be So rash. You dream of a new gotham will come to be.... with my help." The man said. I didn't understand how he was still alive. Neither did Jeremiah, and he fired three more rounds in his direction. Before our eyes the man disappeared and his voice rang out in a new place behind Jeremiah.

Jeremiah knew where he was, and a frustrated look crossed his face. "You're behind me aren't you?" Jeremiah said in annoyance. He lowered his gun, and turned to face the man who was walking closer. "I can conquer Gotham on my own. What makes you think I need your help whoever you are." Jeremiah inquired.

The man walked closer into view. The light revealed his features. He was a little older, and dressed in old clothing. Kind of strange looking. "Because my boy... this is not just about Gotham... this is about Bruce Wayne." The man said.

I watched in horror as a wicked grin crossed Jeremiah face. "Stay away from him." I said. The mans attention diverted to my direction, and Jeremiah gave me a chilling glare. The man began to walk closer to me, and I could've sworn Jeremiah became uneasy.

"Young lady, in my time woman weren't allowed to speak when not addressed." He said. I flinched when he pulled out a knife. "Maybe I shall cut out your vocal cords so that you shall never speak again. Or you could just be silent." He said in a threatening tone.

I didn't say anything after that. They continued talking and I really didn't pay to much attention until the man who identified himself at Ra's al ghul began talking about the plans to drive Bruce insane.

"Don't kill her. All you need to do is paralyze her."
Ra's said. I immediately looked up. "Selina and Bruce are extremely close. After she's paralyzed, she'll blame it on him." Jeremiah said. I was scared of Ra's, but I had to say something. "Don't hurt her!" I yelled. Ra's head snapped In my direction. "I thought I told you to be quiet." He said.

I was about to say something back, but Jeremiah cut me off. "Don't mind her. She gets attached to things. Doesn't really know how to let them go." Jeremiah said, obviously referencing my old feeling for him.

"I can just kill her." Ra's said. He took out his gun and aimed it at me. "No. I have plans for her." Jeremiah said.

To be continued

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