That old corpse pt 2

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Y/n pov

I hid behind another tombstone, careful not to make my presence known. "Wha-what's happening?" Jeremiah inquired. I really couldn't tell if he was lying or not. I hoped he wasn't. I couldn't bare it if Jeremiah really was insane.

"Now do you believe I'm not your brother?Jerome's followers are doing this nothing else makes sense! He sent them instructions to torment you!" Bruce tried to reason with him, but to no avail.

"A fake, yes. I can see quite clearly where you cut of poor Bruce's face and stitched on your own!" Jeremiah cried. To my horror he pulled out a blade.

"But I am a man of science... so let's have some evidence huh?" He swung the blade at Bruce. "Come on brother. Let's peel off that grotesque facade." He slashed the knife in Bruce's direction and for a minute I was scared he might have cut him. He didn't.

I couldn't hide anymore. I jumped out from behind the tombstone and jumped on Jeremiah. I knocked the knife out of his hands. I was going to punch him again, but was stopped when I felt a pair of arms wrap around me.

At first, I thought it was Bruce, but I soon heard cackling and laughing, and I knew it was the followers. How many were there? The held me and Bruce in place, not allowing either of us to move.

"Jerome victorious! Jerome victorious! Jerome is victorious and alive!" One of them yelled. I looked over and saw Bruce. We made eye contact before hearing a loud bang.

I looked back at Jeremiah and gasped. He had killed one of the followers next to him. The follower's blood splattered on his face. All The others all went silent, exchanging looks among each other.

"Jerome victorious? Are you serious? He's dead. Haven't you been paying attention?" Jeremiah put the gun back in his jacket, and took off his glasses before rubbing his handkerchief down the side of his face.

He must have been wearing makeup because the nude skin color came off and revealed a pale white. Bruce's eyes got wide. So it was true. I hadn't dreamt anything. He really was gone.

Jeremiah looked over at me with an emotionless expression, then turned away and walked to Jerome's dead body. "I'm the one who's victorious." He said before kicking his body into the empty grave.

After he finished wiping the rest of the makeup, Jeremiah looked at me, and I knew my best friend  was gone. "Look Bruce..... y/n.... like everything Jerome set his mind to, his insanity has failed. Other thank some mild cosmetic effects, he might as well have sprayed me with water." Jeremiah insisted.

He looked back at me. "Y/n.... we have something real. that doesn't have to end." He said, as if him going mad was a minor thing. "If you actually believe that.... than you're more like your brother than you think." I rebuked.

Whatever feelings I had for him were gone. The man I fell in love with would never kill. He was sweet, kind and he wouldn't hurt a fly. I knew I wasn't looking at that man right now.

"You know... you all need to see Jerome for the utter dud that he was, so I donned a... mask of madness... to show you how feeble that is compared to actual greatness." I could tell that comment was directed at me. I knew how mad he got when being compared to his brother.

"Behold...... the face of true sanity." Jeremiah said pointing to his own. He was utterly delusional. "But... looks aren't everything." He looked back at me. "Oh my Dear y/n... you look pale. Is it the skin color? I know you're gonna need to adjust, but I'm willing to wait, and I am never letting you go." He said walking closer.

With one blow Jeremiah hit me with the side of his gun knocking me unconscious. I heard him say one last thing before I faded out. "I truly am sorry."

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