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"The doctors say she won't wake up." Bruce said. I couldn't see anything. I couldn't feel anything. I could only hear voices. "This is all my fault." He said.
"No bruce, it isn't." I heard jim say. I didn't know what was happening. Why couldn't I move? Am I in a hospital?

My memory flashed back to the previous night


My body crashed hard into the liquid. The chemicals seeped into my eyes. They burned as I opened them. I could only make out the outline of Jeremiah's body through the opaque chemicals. My skin felt like it was on fire. I thrashed around, desperately trying to reach the surface, and maybe get out of this pit. I stopped when I realized I wasn't going anywhere.

The chemicals were so dense, they were almost heavy. My lungs burned from the lack of oxygen. I gave up and let my body sink deeper into the green pit, as my consciousness faded.

Oh. Yeah.

I tried to picture what I looked like now. I imagined my skin being held on by bandages and my hair burnt, and falling off. I shut the thoughts out of my head. I'm lucky to be alive.

I had to let them know I was awake, That I could hear them. I put all of my energy into one finger. It took some time, but eventually I felt my hand twitch. "Did you see that?" Bruce questioned. Yes.

"Get the doctor! She's awake!" Jim cried. Thank god. I heard Bruce run out of the room. Seconds later he returned, followed by the sounds of hasty footsteps. I assumed it was the doctors. I listened as they talked amongst themselves. "We should take the tube out." I heard a female voice say. I recognized it as one of the nurses. "No. We don't know if she can breathe on her own. It's too dangerous."

I knew that voice. It was Lee Thompkins! She was alive and she was my doctor. Despite how happy I was that she was okay, I was concerned about the fact that there was a tube in my throat. "Bruce, you said you saw her move?" Lee asked. "Yes. her hand, it twitched." He responded. I expected her to be happy, but she took in a deep sigh. "That could just be electric circuits misfiring in her body. It happens in some brain dead patients."

No. No I'm not brain dead!

"Bruce, I know this is hard, but she might not wake up. She doesn't have any family, so as her closest friend, it's your choice if we harvest the organs or not." Lee said. Oh my god. But I'm not brain dead. I'm awake!

Bruce didn't respond. "Well just let me know by tomorrow." She said pitifully. Everyone left, including Bruce and once again I was alone. They couldn't harvest my organs! I was alive!

I couldn't believe it. I would've rather died by the chemicals, instead of being killed by the people I cared about. It wasn't their fault though. I had to move. I had to wake up.

Hours passed of me stressing and crying inside my head. I didn't want to die. Even when Jeremiah was torturing me, I didn't want to die, even if I told myself I did. I was so young. I was eighteen! I had just enrolled in college when the bridges blew! I screamed inside my head until I sat up and my eyes opened. Holy shit.

My eyes flicked open to reveal the full hospital room I was in. It took me some time before I realized I couldn't breathe. I was choking! Then I realized the tube in my throat. I panicked and thrashed around, trying to rip it out. Calm down! Calm down!

I relaxed my body, and despite not knowing if I  could breathe, I began tugging on the tube. I pulled lightly, careful not to be harsh. It felt so weird, but soon I pulled it all the way out.

After it was out I took in a deep breath. Oxygen.

I looked at my skin, studying my hands. I had skin, so that was good. My hands went up to touch my face. No bandages. Then I ran them through my hair. I have hair! I pulled out my IV's and stood up. I wasn't that unsteady, for someone who was brain dead.

I wanted to see what I looked like, so I took slow steps to the mirror. I felt my heat rate increase as I stepped in front of it. Oh my god.

My hair was white as paper. And my skin matched. The skin that surrounded my eyes was stained black from what I assumed was my mascara. Why didn't they wash this off?

I brought my hand up to the streaks and wiped across them. They didn't smear or rub off. They jut remained. That's wired. Maybe I need water. I turned on the sink faucet and let the water stream down my hand.

I brought my fingers up to my eyes and rubbed harshly. Nothing. Holy shit.

I didn't take me long to realize the stains weren't leaving. They were terrible though! Black circles surrounded my eyes and black streaks ran down my cheeks like tears. I studied my new features. I looked like a monster. Like.... Jeremiah.  Except my lips were t red and I wasn't crazy. I'm not like him. He's insane. I'm not insane. I repeated in my head.

You sure?

A new voice spoke in my head. It was my voice, but it was more.... evil.

What the hell.

Oh baby, hell hasn't risen yet. That's our job.

"Get out of my head!" I yelled. My fingers gripped my hair, and pulled it. Suddenly to my horror, a slight giggle left my lips. I felt eyes on me and immediately whipped my head around. Behind me was a nurse. I could tell she was about to call someone, but for some reason I felt an evil urge. Out of no where, I grabbed a nearby scalpel and thrusted it in her direction. It cut through her chest. She took in rapid and choppy breaths before collapsing to the ground.

When I realized what I had done, I felt sobs escape my throat. Tears ran down my cheeks. "No, no, no!" I cried.

Told you.


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