The most important day of your life

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After a few hours, Jeremiah returned with a wicked grin. The Wayne look a-likes took their seats on the couch near me. I can't believe I hadn't realized it before, but I was in Wayne manor. Me and Bruce had never become very close, so I hadn't been inside before. "What is this Jeremiah?" I questioned. He turned to me, and rushed to my side almost instantly. His eyes were wild with insanity. Like they were when he tortured me. It made me flinch due to how unexpected it was. "Oh Dear me, my sweet y/n. No need to stress, everything has been planned out."

Soon we heard footsteps coming from the fireplace, where Jeremiah had emerged the day earlier. My eyes widened, as the figure revealed itself to be Bruce Wayne. Jeremiah went to the side of the room, with a glass cup in his hand. The Wayne's just acted like a normal couple. Bruce examined them, and then his eyes fell on me. I could tell he was confused. I was too.

"Who are you?" He asked the look-a-likes. "Whatever do you mean Bruce?" The man asked. "We're your parents." The women said. I felt myself getting lightheaded. "Y/n, what's happening?" Bruce questioned. "I don't know, but Bruce, jer-" I began. I tried to tell him that Jeremiah was behind him, but Alfred intervened. "Master Bruce."

Bruce turned to him, more confusion spreading across his expression. I was confused too, as Jeremiah hadn't told me his plan. "Alfred?" Bruce asked. "Look at the state of you. What have I told you about rolling around in the muck?" Alfred said. The previous night Alfred had been much more distressed. But now he seemed so different.

"Well let's get you spruced up. After all, we have a guest." He said motioning towards Jeremiah. When Bruce saw him, he didn't look nearly as scared as I was. "Welcome home Bruce." Jeremiah said, raising his glass.

"Jeremiah? You're alive?" Bruce questioned. Jeremiah stifled out a laugh while walking over to the Wayne's. "Well you didn't think Selina could kill me so easily did you? I just had to put you off my scent until I could finalize my project." He said, placing a hand on the The Wayne's shoulder.

When he said this, Bruce immediately lunged for him, only to be held back by Alfred. "Manners Master Bruce. Let's not be rude to our guest." He said, struggling to hold Bruce back. "Especially when I come bearing gifts." Jeremiah hissed, revealing a bomb that had been covered by a sheet.

"A cake. How exceedingly kind of you. Is it Italian meringue?" Alfred asked. I soon realized he was hypnotized. That definitely wasn't a cake. "Sure." Jeremiah replied. "Jeremiah, this isn't who you are. Stop this." I urged. "Y/n, say another word, and I will cut you piece by piece and feed you to the rats." After hearing this Bruce charged for him again. "Oh. Now, now Bruce. You come any closer and I blow up Wayne Manor, with all of us in it. I have a dozen of these, uh, Italian meringues sprinkled throughout the house." Jeremiah said, winking.

I was sitting next to where he was standing, and he was standing uncomfortably close. He brushed his fingers through my hair, and then grabbed the back of my neck forcefully. "Not to mention what I'll do to her." He said referring to me. Bruce settled down at the threat. "What did you do to Alfred? Who are these people?" Bruce asked.

Jeremiah's grin spread even wider. "Ah, glad you asked. Mm, come, come, come" he motioned to the Look-a-likes. They approached him, smiles locked on their face. They acted like Barbie dolls, bending to Jeremiah's control. I felt pity for them. "Mommy and daddy dearest, were just an innocent couple I kidnapped on the streets, based on bone structure, and build. Just a touch of plastic surgery and then voilÃ.... Wayne's."

Bruce's face flashed between anger and fear and sadness. "Alfred, I nabbed in the green zone." Jeremiah responded. "They're hypnotized." Bruce pointed out. I could've told him that. "Well I'm afraid there was no room for improv in our script. Today is a very important day, Bruce. Just look at they way they're dressed." Jeremiah said. The woman wore a tan trench coat and the man, a fancy suit. I had noticed it the day I found out Jeremiah was still alive.

"It's the night my parents were murdered." Bruce uttered. "And I'm giving you the chance to experience it all over again." Jeremiah hissed. He had become so much more unhinged, since the bridges blew. I remember when he wouldn't even bring his lips to a grin. Now he resembled Jerome more each day.

"Why?" Bruce asked. "Isn't it obvious. Bruce, this.. this was the most important day of your life. And I didn't get to be a part of it." Jeremiah seemed genuinely hurt. It creeped me out. "We need to rectify that. Alfred. It's time for dinner. Chop-chop, we're on a very tight schedule."

"Oh, my dear y/n. Don't look so concerned. This isn't just about Bruce. This is a way for me to show my love for you." Jeremiah said, putting his hand on my cheek. I felt an anger rise up in me. Out of no where I bit his finger, drawing blood. I could taste it on my lips. Jeremiah let out a yell of pain, before pulling out a gun and aiming it to my head. Jeremiah's blood ram down the gun, dripping onto his shoes.

Bruce slowly approached Jeremiah, taking small steps. "Jeremiah. Don't." He urged. I didn't want him to kill me, but I wanted to have some fun of my own. "Do it!" I yelled. "You can cut me up, but you still can't kill me?" I taunted. I knew it was dangerous, challenging his bravery. He let out an angry growl. "I can kill you, but I don't want to kill you. I want you to watch as I take everything and everyone you hold dear."

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