Thats entertainment pt 2

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Jeremiah pov

"What do we do?" I asked ecco. She didn't seem to be all that phased that Jerome was holding my best friend hostage. "I think she'll be ok." Ecco said plainly. "How could she possibly be ok." I was going to continue when I heard a loud boom. It came from the tv. Me and Ecco both watched intently to see what it was. Jerome had ignited one of the bombs, but I couldn't see who. I swear if he hurt y/n I would kill him. Just then Jerome spoke out again. "Bring me my brother... bring me Wayne...... bring them now." I knew I wasn't going to be able to stay out of this. He was doing this just to hurt me.

As I expected the police came soon after. It was Jim, the boy who I guessed was Bruce Wayne, and Lucius fox.

Y/n pov

Jerome walked about onstage, tormenting his hostages all he could. Then he got to me and kneeled down again. "You think we could ever work out?" He placed a piece of my hair behind my ear. "No." I said coldly. He grabbed my throat and pulled me close before pressing his lips on mine. I tried to struggle, but I couldn't move with his hand on my throat. He pulled away. "wow. What a kisser." He joked. "What are you getting out of this?" I questioned. He looked at me pitifully, but instead of answering, he just laughed.

About an hour later, after endless minutes of Jerome messing around, a police car pulled up. "Why are we waiting, waiting, waiting... someone's gonna die!" Jerome sang. If you can call that singing. I looked to see who would step out of the car. I prayed Jeremiah wouldn't, but it didn't take long for me to see his ginger hair rising from behind the door. He wasn't alone though. Bruce Wayne was there too.

Jerome taunted his brother as Jeremiah slowly descended down the rows of people. Jeremiah's eyes locked on me. Surely they had a plan, and they weren't just sending him to his death. I knew Jim Gordon was smart, but this didn't seem wise to me. Just then gunshots went off. I had hoped the bullets went in to Jerome's body, but he looked fine. Jim however looked extremely distressed. Then Jerome began to speak "I had my guys take up the best vantage points, so they've been watching your little swat team all day."

Jim and Jeremiah's faces both dropped instantly. I supposed that was the plan. Not very well thought out in my opinion. Jeremiah's face gave a look of pure despair. He looked back at Jim and then to me again. "Now bruce, brother dear.. get up onstage... it's time to get this party really started, huh?" Jerome joked.

I sat in the chair as one of Jerome's followers put the collar around
Jeremiah's neck. "No parent will admit it, but everybody's got their favorites. Right brother? The one who cleans their room, does their homework, doesn't try to kill everybody. Little mister perfect over here." Jerome pointed to Jeremiah. Jeremiah rolled his eyes in annoyance.

Jerome continued to babble on, but Jeremiah just looked at me. I could see the fear in his eyes, but I knew it was for me. He looked away as Jerome kept talking. I tried to find someway to escape, so I wasn't paying attention until I saw Jerome pull out a knife. I thought he was gonna kill Jeremiah, until he cut his zip-ties and handed him the knife. "You're a killer. It's your nature." Jerome said to Jeremiah.

Jeremiah pov

I grabbed the knife. I'm not gonna kill him. I thought to myself, but just then I felt an anger boil up inside me, like nothing I had ever felt. If I didn't kill him what would he do to y/n. I couldn't let him hurt her. I cried out in rage and slashed the knife forward, but Jerome reacted to fast and knocked me to the ground with one punch. He laughed as he kicked me without mercy.

A gunshot went off and the kicking stopped. Jerome was hit in the shoulder. I took my chance and ran too y/n. I cut her zip-ties with the knife and then Bruce's. More gunshots rang out, but I didn't look to see where they were coming from or going to. I ran offstage and reached to grab y/n's arm but she wasn't there. I looked around and then I saw her running after Gordon. What are you doing y/n?

Y/n pov

I saw Jerome enter the building and Gordon go after him. I only had one intention as I ran after them: kill Jerome. I swung open the door and began to climb the stairs. Ahead of me I heard more gunshots likely fired by Jim. When I reached the top of the stairs I opened the door leading to he roof and saw Jim with his gun aimed at Jerome, and Jerome standing on the ledge. I hope he falls.

Jim pov

I heard the roof door open and close after me. I turned around and saw the young girl Jerome had taken hostage. She had rage in her eyes. She came and stood next to me, and I gave her a confused and concerned look. "Shoot him." She said as if it wasn't a big deal at all. After hearing this Jerome broke out in laughter. "Oh god! I can't take it anymore. Ha!!" Jerome laughed.

Y/n pov

Just as he finished laughing a giant blimp flew overhead, but I had no idea what it was, or why it was there. "Beautiful isn't it." Jerome pulled out a phone. "One second I got to call the pilot. Tell him he's in position." Jerome dialed and called the pilot, but before he could say anything Jim shot the phone out of his hand. He cried out in pain and dropped the phone at his feet. "Not cool." Jerome said. The pilot began talking. "Jerome? I'm in position." He said through the phone. In position? I had no idea what was about to go down. "Doesn't matter. It's too late anyway." Jerome chuckled. He gave me one final wink before his attention turned to the phone again. "bombs away!" He yelled. I grabbed Jim's gun from him and shot in Jerome's direction. I didn't know if it hit him or not, but when I looked he was holding his shoulder. "Funny." He said before falling back off the ledge.

Jeremiah pov

I heard more gunshots coming from the top of the building beside me. I looked and saw Jerome dangling from the roof. "Oh my god." I heard one woman say. Just then Jerome let go. All I heard was his maniacal laughter as he fell, and a loud crash.

Y/n pov

Hours later I was sitting on the curb, when James Gordon walked up to me. "You shouldn't have done that." He said. I stood up and met his gaze. "It wasn't that hard of a choice." I said. He gave me a pitiful look. "It's hard to kill someone. It messes with your conscience." He said sadly. I could see how much guilt he was carrying. "In my eyes, it was the fall that killed him. And my conscience has been screwed up for a while anyways." I stopped talking once I saw Jeremiah.

The sun had gone down, but I could still see a sad expression on his face. "Y/n, I'm telling everyone that I was the one that pulled that trigger, and that you weren't even up there." Jim said noticing my attention to Jeremiah. He and I both knew Jeremiah wouldn't forgive me for killing his brother, even though he was insane. "Thank you Detective. It was nice to have met you." I said and walked in Jeremiah's direction.

"Y/n!" He yelled. I ran up to him and met him in a hug. "It's ok." I tried to comfort him. "He's dead.." Jeremiah said softly. "I know. I know." I told him. Just as we pulled away, Bruce Wayne walked up to us. "Ms L/N." He addressed me. I gave him a small nod and a smile. "I'll wait over here." I said walking a few meters away. They continued to talk for another minute or so before Jeremiah walked my way. He came by and we started back to his house. "What did y'all talk about?" I asked curiously. Jeremiah gave me a wild smile despite what had happened just hours before. "He's going to fund my energy project." Jeremiah said shocked.

To be continued...

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