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Why don't I take over?

"And do what? Kill more people?"

Come on, it'll be fun

"I bet it won't." I responded. Jeremiah lifted one brow. "Well well, the chemicals have taken effect I see." He hissed. "Now undo these restraints, would you?" He urged. He must've been insane if he thought I was gonna help him escape. "Yeah, no thanks." I replied.

Ok I brought you to him. Can we leave now? I asked the voice.

Yeah, not really. See I have my OWN plan. And I need to see that it's executed properly. Kinda hard to do from the backseat, so if you don't mind, I'll take the wheel now.

"What? No way! I won't let you." I said out loud. Jeremiah gave me a shocked expression. "The toxins really took a toll on you huh?" He queried. I ignored his comment.

You won't let me? You forget who's in charge. Shame. I was hoping this would be a partnership not a dictatorship.

Before I had time to respond, a sharp pain soared through my head. I felt like someone was ripping me apart. "Ahh!" I cried. The pain was almost unbearable. My hands gripped my hair and pulled. "Stop!" I yelled. Eventually my legs lost their balance and I found myself on the floor.

Jeremiah pov

I wondered what the voice was telling her. I watched in amusement as she screamed In pain. I was excited to meet this new character. I let out a laugh as y/n fell limp on the floor.

I peered over the side of my bed to check on her condition. She was face down on the ground, and not moving. "Darling? Are you dead?" I questioned. To my surprise, I heard her let out a low growl. "No.." she hissed.

I examined her new appearance as she lifted her self off the ground. She stared at me through pieces of her hair. It was creepy to say the least. "You are not y/n" I claimed. "Wow. Did I make it that obvious?" She said, faking disappointment. "So Who are you?" I questioned.

"Call me morgan." She replied. "Morgan?" I question. "It's y/n's middle name. And she hates it."

Morgan pov

"How do you know she dislikes it?" He asked me. I thought it was a silly question considering I was speaking to him through her body. "Her thoughts are my thoughts, her feelings are my feelings." I responded.

"There's a not a single memory, or regret, or little tidbit about her life that I don't know. I am her, just the better version." I growled. He laughed In Response to this. It annoyed me. "Oh really? Well why don't we get out of here before those footsteps reveal their creator." He suggested.

I had planned to take him with me, but I didn't need the extra baggage. "I'm afraid you will have to shape your own exit plan, as I am running short on time." I said, walking towards the door.

"Free me now, or Suffer the consequences later." He said in a simple voice. I could hear the footsteps right outside the door. Quickly, I rushed to the side of the entrance and pressed my back against the wall. Whoever walked in wouldn't be able to see me when they entered. "Shh." I hushed Jeremiah.

Soon a figure appeared in the doorway. I grabbed a pen sitting on the table next to me and rammed it into their abdomen. It wasn't until our eyes met that I realized who it was. I let out a laugh. "Jim Gordon. Well well. I knew you couldn't stay away." I chuckled. I looked over to Jeremiah who was pretending to be asleep.

Huh. Smart. "Y/n? What.. why are are you here?" Jim choked out. "Well I came to kill Jeremiah of course. But I'm afraid I can't explain all of my reasoning to you right now. I'm running late."

With that, I yanked the pen out of his side and watched him collapse to the floor. "See you soon detective." I said walking out of the room.

Jim pov

It had been an excruciatingly long day at work. Maybe I should go see y/n. I had hoped she was feeling better. The doctors didn't think she would wake up, but she was strong. I knew she could.

If I was honest, I was losing hope. Her condition had gotten worse, and besides the physical changes, I had no idea what the chemicals had done to her personality. I prayed she was still the same y/n I knew.

As I made my way down the medical wing hallway, I was surprised at how chaotic it was. Doctors and nurses scrambled around, trying to treat everyone. I almost missed y/n's room due to the density of people in the hallway, but I saw the door and made my way towards it. "Scuse' me" I said to a woman standing in front of the door.

She gave me a dirty look, but moved nonetheless. When I entered y/n's room, I took maybe four steps before falling straight to the floor. It took me a few moments to realize what I had slipped on. "Oh my god." It was blood. I turned my head to the source of the substance.

Laying pale and lifeless on the ground was one of the nurses laying dead in the ground. I could tell by the color of her skin and the cloudiness of her eyes that she was beyond resuscitation.

The first thought that came to me, was that y/n might be hurt. I rushed to her bedside. It was empty. She was gone. Oh my god. Did someone take her?

I rushed out of the room. At first I had planned to go to Harvey in his office but I was stopped by a woman grabbing my arm. "I'm sorry ma'am, but I really have to go." I urged. I pulled my arm away.

"But I saw the girl!" She called out. I stopped dead in my tracks. "The girl? Y/n L/N?" I questioned. I then noticed the woman was a nurse. "Yes. I wouldn't have noticed her, but i was on her case and recognized her." She began. "Where did she go?" I asked. It then crossed me that it might have been y/n that killed the nurse. Don't think that. You know her.

"I followed her once I saw her, and she went.. she went to Jeremiah Valeska's room." She whispered. In that moment I took off running towards where his room was. I didn't know what y/n was capable of right now.

Once I reached the room, I barged In. But everything looked normal. There was Jeremiah Valeska laying silently on the bed, and y/n wasn't here. I might've turned around but I felt a sharp sting irradiate my right side. Soon I felt my shirt become saturated in a liquid substance. I already knew what had happened when I turned my head, and me y/n's stare.

"Jim Gordon. Well well, I knew you couldn't stay away." She laughed.

"Y/n? What.. why are you here." I choked out. "Well I came to kill Jeremiah of course. But I'm afraid I can't explain all of my reasoning to you right now. I'm running late." She hissed. I was shocked and devastated all at once. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

In a split second she ripped out whatever she had stabbed me with and walked out. I fell to the ground as I watched her footsteps disappear.

by the way, if you don't like the name you can change it. Morgan is my last name and I've always wanted to apply it to one of my characters.

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