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"Oh my god, oh my god." I repeated. This can't be happening.

Sorry darling, it is. Now do what I say unless you want to get caught.

"I'm not listening to you! You made me do this!" I yelled. I didn't know what to do. I hadn't ever killed anyone! The voice had a point though. Someone could walk in at any moment. I imagined Jim Gordon walking in. What would he think? I was here standing over a dead body, and talking to myself. I was clearly insane.

"Fine. What should I do?" I asked.

Glad you asked. Write a note.

"A note?" I questioned. Why would I write a note?

Come on, this was clearly a suicide.

"This was not a suicide! I killed her!" I yelled. I was going mad. I had to be. The chemicals drove me insane.

Be a little louder, I don't think everyone in the police department heard you.

I would never fake someone's suicide. But I never thought I would murder someone either. Things had changed since I fell in those chemicals. The toxins had an irreparable effect on me and my personality. So why not?

I walked over the The lifeless nurse and bent down. Their was a pocket in her coat. It rested on her chest. Inside of it, was a pen. "Hm, I guess it's meant to be."


I grabbed a nearby piece of paper and began scribbling down words. As I was writing I felt a small sense of sorrow, but not enough to stop me. The pen scratched across the paper, creating noise in the silent room.

After I was done, I read the note aloud. "Dear loved ones, I am truly sorry that this is what it came too. The idea of being trapped in this island started to drive me mad. I felt like this city was closing in on me. I want you all to know how much you meant to me."

It's perfect. Now, let's get out of here.

"Where should we go?" I asked. We couldn't stay here.

Actually, Before we leave, we need to find Jeremiah.

"Jeremiah? Why?" I questioned. Why would we need to find Jeremiah? He's done nothing but hurt me.

Find him now, or you will kill again.

I didn't want to kill anyone else. At least no one innocent. "How do you know?"

Because I control your darkest side. And I can take over.

"What does that mean?"

It means that the innocent side of you is dying slowly. I'm in control now.

"Fine. I'll find Jeremiah." I complied. I looked around me. The hospital complex in haven was small, so this wouldn't take long. My eyes landed on a computer. "That'll probably have records on it. It should say where Jeremiah is."

Then use it!

I was shocked by her Vicious tone. Technically she was me, so in some way I was shocked by mine. The thought of myself being capable of such anger terrified me. Nonetheless, I walked over to the computer. I tapped on the keys to turn it on. "It's password protected. We can't get in. We'd need a member of the staff."

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