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Y/n pov

I finally regained control after hours of trying. Still, I could feel morgan in my head, but I resisted her. "Why should I trust you?" Barbara asked me. I didn't blame her. I wouldn't trust me either. "You just have to." I responded. It wasn't a very persuasive response, but I saw Barbara's intense glare lighten up a little.

"Wow. You're really pregnant." I commented. "Yeah, clearly!" She snapped, revealing a large bump centered on her abdomen. I hadn't noticed it earlier. "Holy shit!" I cried. "Can we not focus on this right now?" She began before being interrupted by the creak of an opening door. We both turned our gaze to the loud noise, and watched as a figure emerged from the doorway.

My eyes widened as I realized who it was. "Oswald?" I questioned. I thought Barbara hated him. He killed Tabitha after all. "Can we focus on this then?" I said, confused by the sight before me. Before Barbara could answer, Oswald spoke out.

"Oh no. I'm sorry ms kean, but no more passengers. There simply isn't enough room." He stated, as he noticed me. "Passengers? Are you going on a trip somewhere?" I asked. Confusion swirled around my head as I processed everything.

"Not that it's your business, but me and Oswald are leaving Gotham." Barbara answered. "Don't forget about me." A new voice chimed. I looked to it's projector. It was Edward nygma. "Are you shitting me right now?!" I cried.

"You won't trust me but you trust them?!" I said furiously. "Now now, Miss L/n, no need for vulgar language." Oswald hissed. I gave him a stern scowl in response.

"Um, can we talk about the clown girl?" Nygma suggested, pointing to Ecco. I jumped when she began to move. "Shit, she's waking up." I cursed.

"There's a simple solution to this." Nygma claimed. I watched curiously as he walked over to the counter and picked up a bowl. As he re-approached Ecco, I realized his solution. "No dont-" I began, but wasn't quick enough before he smashed the bowl on her head, sending her back to sleep.

"Huh. Good thinking." Oswald said, walking up to me. "Should we do the same with this one?"

"No!" Barbara snapped. "Untie her."

"Excuse me?" Nygma inquired. "You really want to trust her?"

"Fine we'll leave her here. Someone will find her eventually." Barbara suggested. Wow that didn't take much convincing.

"So you're just gonna leave me with this psycho." I said, pointing my head towards Ecco. "Look kid. I'm sorry, but I can't have your crazy side destructing my plans." She apologized. I watched angrily as she grabbed a suitcase and headed out the door. "Barbara!" I called out to her.

I probably said her name ten more times, before I didn't hear her footsteps anymore.

2 hours later

I had to get out of these binds. And before Ecco woke up.

Let me out

"No! I'm trying to help both of us. If the wrong person walks in here, we could be sent right to Jim Gordon's jail cells."

All the reason to let me make the decisions.

"You're the reason we're on the run! I'm done listening to your reasoning." I hissed. Trying my best to block out the voice in my head, I continued struggling in the ropes that bound me.

Eventually I heard a door open. "Barbara, thank god. Can you untie me now?" I urged. "No. Not Barbara."

I knew that voice. "But I will untie you, my sweet Morgan."

It was Jeremiah. My breaths became choppy and sweat dotted my palms. He thought that Morgan was in control. This was good. In that moment I felt glad that Jeremiah was unaware of the physical change that occurred when I switched personalities. "Jeremiah. I'm glad to see you made your way." I said in the most devious voice I could manage.

"Yes, well it wasn't easy. After you left me there to fend for myself." He hissed, kneeling down to my eye level. Now that he was in the light, I could get a good look at him. "I figured you could handle yourself."

Without replying, he brought his hands to the arms of the chair I was in, trapping me whether I was tied down or not. I felt goosebumps rise to my arms as he leaned his face closer to mine. "Darling, where are those beautiful black streaks that decorated your skin?" He questioned.

I thought for sure I was dead now. I couldn't think of anything to say. Suddenly I began to speak, but it wasn't me. I was talking but not by choice. "It comes and goes. I don't know why."

You're welcome.

His hand rose up to my cheeks and he caressed them softly. "Morgan, if I ever find out you've lied to me, I will cut your neck ear to ear." I wanted to scream, but I contained myself. "Nothing better than a quick death." I rebuked. I was impressed with how calm I managed to remain.

He brought out a knife, and I struggled not to change my posture or do anything to seem suspicious. Luckily he brought the knife to the ropes that bound me and sliced across them.

I stood up from the chair and stared Jeremiah dead in the eyes. "Let's get going then, shall we?" I said seductively. I didn't mean to, but I did. Jeremiah's lips tilted up to a sly smile. "Let's." He responded, motioning for me to walk.

I began walking towards the door, when I heard Morgan.

Oh you are so dead.

"Oh wait! Almost forgot about her." I reminded, pointing towards Ecco. She sat there still unconscious. "Not really." Jeremiah replied. Out of no where he pulled out a gun and fired two shots into her chest.

I blinked in shock, and tried to run, but my muscles were steadfast.

If you run, he'll know it's you.

She was right. I was surprised Morgan helped me. But at the same time she was probably just helping herself. "Glad we're done with that." I giggled. Months ago I would've been crying my eyes dry at the sight of someone's murder.

I guess it was true what they said, that trauma hardens the soul. "Now dear, right this way. We have plans for tonight."

Follow him. And then when you're safe you can make your move.

Why are you helping me?

I'm helping us. Partner.

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