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Morgan pov

After escaping haven, I decided to take shelter in Jeremiah's church. Bruce and Jim didn't know anything about my new persona. They thought I hated Jeremiah. That I wanted to kill him. So they wouldn't expect me to flee to a building that praised his very name.

Though the journey was long and testing, I arrived at the church before nightfall. The sun was setting though, and Bruce had told me that psychopaths roam the streets when the sun goes down. It was too dangerous to be out in the dark zone during the nighttime.

I hurried inside, and was pleased to see that it was empty. "Yes. This will do nicely." I uttered under my breath.

Ecco pov

I almost missed her. I was sitting in the window of the second story, polishing Jeremiah's favorite vase, when I saw y/n L/n standing outside. "Well well. What do we have here."

I had a gun strapped to my waist, so I could've killed her in that moment. She was in range, and I had a markman's aim. But, I decided to prolong things. I let her enter the building and walk around a little. "Yes. This will do nicely." She said under her breath.

I felt an anger boil up inside me. How dare she enter such a holy place. She was poisoning the air. Every breath she took dishonored my dear Jeremiah.

I decided to make my presence known. "Yes, I find it to be quite homey." I hissed. She jumped back in surprise. "Ecco? What are you doing here?" She questioned In fear.

"Where else would I go? My dear Jeremiah is dead, so what better way to commemorate him then by maintaining his church?" I replied.

Morgan pov

I should of expected this. Of course Ecco would be here. I was about to say something else, when she pulled out a gun and aimed it at me. I put my hands up and slowly inched backwards. "Whoa whoa, Ecco. What are you doing?" I asked.

"Rumor has it... you killed Jeremiah." She responded. It was y/n who pushed Jeremiah into the chemicals. But Y/n was me. "Wait, did you say Jeremiah was dead?" I queried. He was definitely alive. This was good. I could use this.

"Um, I saw him fall into the chemicals. I'm not dumb. No one can survive that." She hissed.

"Why not? I did. I'm here aren't I?" I was trying my best to get her on my side.  "Ecco, I saw Jeremiah in haven. He's alive." I said, trying to get her to lower the gun. "In haven? Good. You're gonna take me to him." She uttered, still not lowering the gun.

"What?! I just escaped that place. Why would I want to go back?" I argued. "Because if you don't, I'm gonna shoot you in the face, so chop chop, we have a ways to go." She said in a sing-songy voice.

"Wait you want to travel through the dark zone.. during the night time." I questioned. "What? You scared of the dark?" She teased. "Fine let's go." I replied.

Maybe it was unwise to risk my life to prove that I wasn't 'scared of the dark' but I had had enough of people underestimating me. I wanted revenge. On Jim Gordon, on Barbara kean, Selina Kyle, Bruce Wayne, and this god damned city. Maybe Ecco could help me. Well not really. But she could help me get to Jeremiah. I'd probably kill her after that.

"Good. After you." She said, motioning for me to walk. So much for seeking shelter.walked out of the church and began walking back to the GCPD.

Why are you doing this?

Crap. I forgot about you. I was careful not to say anything out loud. Deep inside I tried to believe that between me and Ecco, only one of us was insane.

Yeah well I'm still here.

Clearly. Can you just be quiet until this is finished?

No! Let me out.

Come on. We both know who gets things done. Hint: it's not you.

Classy. Not even you are dumb enough to go out at night.

Technically WE aren't dumb enough. But like I said, it's how you get things done.

"Are you high or something?" Ecco said. I snapped my head in her direction. "No. Just thinking." I responded. "I see the chemicals have taken their toll." She joked.

"After this job, I hope to never see you again." I hissed. Maybe it was a random thing to say, but I was sick and tired of her garrulous personality. There was plenty of crazy people in my life. Including me, so I didn't need any others. "Not a problem for me." She responded.

You're insane. How can you work with her?

Same way I can work with Jeremiah. I put the mission over my personal issues.

Do you even feel bad?

About what?

You killed that nurse! She was innocent!

Oh yeah. I forgot about that too. Sorry it's still a little foggy.

You're crazy.

Nothing wrong with that.

"Damn we got company." I heard Ecco say. "What?" I questioned. I turned my head to what she was looking at. About a hundred meters I front of us was a crowd of people. They were dressed like clowns, and had on bizarre makeup. "Friends of yours?" I teased. "Funny. No. Those are the gladers. It's a gang, but they don't have a territory so they basically just troll the dark zone when the sun goes down." She explained.

"I take it they're not friendly." I uttered. "Not really. Especially since Jeremiah killed their 'leader'. I guess you could say it's a strained relationship." She continued. "Let's just wait for them to leave." I suggested. "That might be hard." She said pointing to the crowd.

Before me was a group of maniacs sprinting towards us. "I guess they saw us."


This was a shorter chapter, Sorry! I just wanted to get one out.

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